Danial, an Example for Ambition & Success

Danial, an Example for Ambition & Success

Danial Shahbakhsh obtained 3rd position for the men’s lightweight -60 kg in the 2021 AIBA World Boxing Championships. Mr. Shahbakhsh was born in a poor Baloch family and raised in Zahedan, capital of the poorest province of Iran.
This victory is well-worthy for many reasons. In history of Iran, it is the first time that an Iranian stands on such a big position in boxing. Secondly, a rural athlete from a poor and deprived place that does not have basic equipment of growth defeats professional boxers of the world who have all tools of success. As Danial himself said that he fought without rest in the most crowded group, too.
In fact, this achievement is not the success of a person in boxing, but it is the success of a symbol in patience. It is not the result of boxing techniques alone but the conclusion of a series of struggles. Danial is a symbol in struggling and ambition. He could defeat means of hopeless in the way of success before overcoming competitors. Nothing stopped him from struggling; nor shortages neither toil nor mental setbacks.
For success, people must fight till they win. Success people never give up. They believe in their talents and magnify none of setbacks.
On the other hand, this history-making victory is the result of cooperation; all classes including the coach, officials of the Box Federation and people shared in getting this success. Cooperation and unity can make miracles.
By giving chance to our people and having trust on them, Iran can have a higher position in the world. Sport can close people nearer, bring for them happiness and uplift their position in the world. We should use from potential of sport in training our nation and solving our problems. The honor of countries is with their figures, heroes and examples.


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