COVID-19: Three NHS Muslim Doctors Die While Saving Lives

COVID-19: Three NHS Muslim Doctors Die While Saving Lives

Doctors worldwide are on the frontline playing critical roles in the fight against the novel coronavirus.
Sad news came out this week from the UK with three Muslim doctors losing their lives to coronavirus in the space of a week.
The medical practitioners were immigrants of Muslim backgrounds, according to media reports.

Dr. Amged El Hawrani
Sudanese-born ear, nose and throat specialist Dr. Amged El Hawrani died in Leicester in central England, after being tested positive for the Covid-19 illness.
The 55-year-old had been on life support for nearly two weeks.

Dr. Habib Zaidi
Hawrani’s passing followed that of Sudanese surgeon Adil El Tayar and Habib Zaidi, a GP of Pakistani origin.
Dr. El Tayar, 63, previously worked in Sudan and Saudi Arabia, before returning to the UK to help the NHS cope with the coronavirus pandemic.

Dr. Adil El Tayar
“He wanted to be sent where he would be most useful in the crisis,” Zeinab Badawi, a cousin of Dr. El Tayar, told the BBC.
“That was typical of my cousin Adil, always willing to help, always with a willing smile. It had taken just 12 days for Adil to go from a seemingly fit and capable doctor working in a busy hospital to lying in a hospital morgue.”

The COVID-19 pandemic has infected 788,065 and killed other 37,877, according to the latest estimates by WorldOMeter.
In the UK, there are 22,141 COVID-19 cases. The virus has killed 1,408 so far in the country.


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