Conceptualizing Justice

Conceptualizing Justice

Hardly a person can be found who is unware of the conception of two famous but antithetic words; justice and cruelty. Whenever there is a discussion about justice and fairness, instantly the meaning of cruelty and injustice also comes in mind. As much as the word “justice” has a pleasant, graceful and beautiful conception, the word cruelty is unpleasant, ugly and unwanted.
Justice is the law which the whole system of the universe pivots on its axis. By justice the earth, skies and all creatures are stable and constant. The human society, which is a small part of the boundless universe, cannot be excluded from this universe-wide law and it cannot maintain its favorable life without justice.
A society where justice is violated and gives its ground to cruelty, different mental calamities and pests spread such as disappointment and hopelessness, dejection, pessimism, anxiety and commotion. Invention and contraption decrease to the minimum scale. Many potentials and talents get destroyed and lag and backwardness emerge in various aspects of life in the intellectual, cultural, social, political and economic areas.
Meanwhile, the biggest expectation of Iranian peoples including Shia and Sunni communities and followers of the rest religions and sects from the Islamic Republic has been implementation of justice. They wanted and still want that there should not be any kind of discrimination and inequality in providing civil rights of Iranians and no one should face cruelty.
Undoubtedly, any kind of development and stability depend on execution of justice. But if there is a development minus execution of justice, pleasant and contentment of the nation will never accompany it. Surely, the real piteous of Iran and the state of Islamic republic are those who meditate on this issue and urge on it.
In a meeting with the people of East Azerbaijan province on February 18, 2018, Ayatollah Khamenei urged on the importance of working hard to implement justice. He clearly and bravely announced: “About justice we are laggard. We should strive.” He also said in the meeting: “We named the fourth decade of the revolution the decade of justice and development. Development has taken place in the country factually; I cannot say about justice; we are laggard about justice; there is no doubt; we admit, we confess. We should have been successful in the field of justice, too in the decade of justice and development. We should strive about justice. We should work. We must apologize to Allah Almighty and dear people. We have problems in the case of justice and God willing, by the efforts of efficient pious men and women we will advance in this aspect, too.” (Mehr News Agency)
These words of the supreme leader are important and considerable. Certainly, compassion for the state of the Islamic republic is in admitting facts and determination to remove faults and defects; because unless we do not confess weaknesses, we cannot move towards making the situation better.
Shaikh-ūl-Islam Mawlânâ Abdol-Hamid, Friday imam of Sunnis in Zahedan has always been emphasizing on implementation of justice in the country. In his Friday speech of January 19, 2018, he applauded the Islamic republic’s admirable services and steps and then urged on accelerating accomplishment of justice and removal of discriminations in the country. He said: “We expect the president to emphasize more on authorities about removing discrimination and implementation of justice. They should not discriminate among people under the influence of local pressure groups in ministries and offices. The household of the prophet PBUH sacrificed their lives for implementation of justice and they imposed no difference among Muslims. Justice is a pillar of the religion in Shia sect. while the imitation of the household needs implementation of justice. Accomplishment of justice and focusing on the legal and due rights of people and ensuring their freedom can bring durable peace in the country.” (Official website of the office of Friday imam of Sunnis/
Definitely, the elders of the country and statesmen and authorities should evaluate and examine their acts and behavior of their subsets bravely and courageously and then confess the facts. They should struggle for removing faults and shortcomings and utilize and benefit from the viewpoints of honest and fair-minded experts. Then every member of the nation, followers of the schools of thought and different groups will be optimistic, confident and happy. On the other side, it ends up with stability of the country and stabilization of the Islamic republic state. Then adhesion of the Great Lord and His support and protection will encompass the nation and officials and Iran will be an example for the world and sinister elements will be disappointed.


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