Iranian Presidential Race; Landscape of Sunnis

Iranian Presidential Race; Landscape of Sunnis

In response to the question that who is the winner of the 12th presidential race in Iran, we have heard different answers inside and outside of the country. Common people, analysts, commentators and politicians have been telling us about different winners of the 12th presidential election in Iran. The Islamic Republic of Iran, people of Iran, sobriety, anti-fanaticism and anti-demagogism sides, the reformist parties, civil societies, middle class of the Iranian society, the diffused but united Iranian Sunni community and Mr. Rouhani himself are among the top winners of the recent race as analysts say.

There will be nothing wrong if we consider all of them ‘winners’ of the 12th presidential race. It is a fact that the time of misusing people’s religious, ethnic and sectarian feelings has been over for most of the Iranians. They have ignored clearly the populist slogans in the recent election.

The facts of ground have made Iranians more ‘pragmatic’ than any other time. The unstable condition of the Middle East and neighboring countries of Iran was not any secret for Iranian voters. They have seen the devastating results of violence and blind fights. When the residents of the Middle East have been sick of violence and instability, how a wise nation can start a game which has no a winner?! It is obvious in such a condition, the Iranians elect a pragmatic government that sees and feels their pain and considers their anxieties well.

Being a part of the Iranian nation, the Iranian Sunnis supported Rouhani for re-election strongly. More than 7 million Iranian Sunni voters elected Mr. Rouhani whose government broke some illegal taboos about the Sunni community for the first time in history of the Islamic Revolution of Iran. Although Mr. Rouhani couldn’t fulfil some of his pre-election promises of 2013, but the Sunnis found him the best choice and openly supported him for re-election.

Iranian Sunnis consider themselves real Iranians protecting their religious and ethnic identities. It is unacceptable for them to see their country becoming an object of hatred in the region. They do want to have a strong and respectful country. But the Sunnis also want their officials to spend the wealth of the country on their own country and avoid from regional conflicts and adventure. This purpose cannot be achieved but by ruling of strong, wise and sober government in the country.

The Sunni community of Iran is one of the main winners of the 12th presidential race because this community once again showed its unity and civilization. Sunnis of Iran know well the ongoing circumstances of their country. They do not expect any revolutionary change in the case of their due rights. They believe in long-term changes and even the fruit of their patience and continuous struggle may fall in the lap of upcoming generations.

By Abdol-Hakeem Shahbakhsh

The writer is an Iranian Sunni journalist and sub-editor of SunniOnline English & Urdu based in Zahedan, Iran


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