Allah has the attribute of power

Allah has the attribute of power

• Allah has the power to do whatever He wills.
• God has power over everything in this world (world here means all creation.)

• God’s power is related to those things which are possible to the sound intellect, even those things which are not currently in existence.
• God’s power is not related to the impossible propositions; that which cannot ever be. The impossible usually refers to contradictions in terms; such as if someone said that Allah is attributed with attributes of completeness and perfection and then said that He has a limit. The terms “comleteness” and “perfection” are incompatible with having a limit, so it cannot ever be that Allah has a limit.
• Impossible propositions refer to things that cannot ever be, so they are not really “things”, but mere verbal absurdities.
• An important concept here is to understand that Muslims must believe that Allah is clear of any imperfection, need, limit or weakness. This MUST be so, because the one who created this cosmos cannot possibly be limited in any way. In other words, it is impossible that Allah is attributed with imperfection, such as:
o to need something; needing is to be incomplete.
o to resemble a creation; everything about a creation needs a creator.
o to have a partner; having a partner implies needing agreement.
o to have a child; having a child is a created attribute indicating need, physical existence, etc.
o to have attributes that change or develop; changing or developing implies a need to do so.
o to have a body, shape or form, because these are all limited and have boundaries, which is an imperfection.
o to have a limb; only creatures have limbs, and implies a need for instruments. In addition limbs need space..
o to have a beginning or an end; anything with a beginning needs a creator and anything with an end is weak.
o to have a changing will; this implies indecisiveness.
o to be ignorant of something.
o to die; anything susceptible to death is weak.
o to be in a place; anything in a place is bounded by it.
• It is impossible for Allah to resemble His creation, because all creation and everything that happens to it needs a creator.
• If someone says that Allah can have a son, then he is saying that it is possible for Allah to be weak, because being attributed with the possibility of weakness is a weakness. This is obvious kufr (blasphemy – something that makes one a non-muslim).
• If someone says that Allah is unable to have a son then he commits kufr because he has attributed to Allah inability. Impossible things have nothing to do with ability. To clarify, without intending similitude: it would be absurd to describe a stone by saying “it can’t speak very well”, because speaking is not related to being a stone.
• Muslims believe Allah is attributed only with complete perfection, meaning that it is impossible for Him to be attributed with imperfection.

Allah has the attribute of will
• Allah has the attribute of will. What Allah wills, will be, what Allah does not will, will not be.
• Something can only exist, if Allah wills for it to exist.
• God’s will does not have a beginning or an end.
• God’s will does not change.
• Everything is predestined.
• Allah wills for things to exist, but does not need anything

To rely on Allah means:
• To believe that the Creator of all causes and their effects is Allah.
• To work on the apparent causes of what one wants, but not rely on them in one’s heart.
• To ask Allah for the result one is after.




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