Righteousness is to fulfill the Rights of Allah and the Rights of His servants.

The following words – “righteous,” “witness,” and “truthful,” – may be cited separately to refer to the Prophets. Allah (Subhaanahu Wa Ta’aalaa), the Exalted, says about Hadhrat Ibrahim al-Khaleel (Prophet Abraham):
“…….and gave him his reward in the world; and of course, in the Hereafter, he will be one of the righteous.” (al-Ankaboot 29:27)

And He also says:
We gave him good in this world and, indeed, in the Hereafter he will be one of the righteous.” (an-Nahl 16:122)

Hadhrat Ibrahim al-Khaleel said:
My Lord, grant me wisdom and join me with the righteous.” (ash-Shu’araa 26:83)

Hadhrat Yousuf (Prophet Joseph) said:
Let me die as a Muslim and join me with the righteous.” (Yousuf 12:101)

Hadhrat Sulaimaan (Prophet Solomon) said:
Enter me, by Your mercy, among Your righteous servants.” (an-Naml 27:19)

In a narration of Allah (Subhaanahu Wa Ta’ aalaa)’s Messenger, Hadhrat Mohammad (SallAllaahu Alaihe WaSallam), it is reported that, when people were saying at the end of Salaah (in Tashahhud): “Peace be upon Allah, peace be upon so-and-so.”

So Allah (Subhaanahu Wa Ta’ aalaa)’ s Messenger (SallAllaahu Alaihe WaSallam) said to them one day:

“When any one of you sits during Salaah, he should say, “Greetings, prayers, and good things are for Allah. Peace be upon you, O Prophet! and the mercy of Allah and His blessings. Peace be upon us and upon the righteous servants of Allah.”

For when he says this, it reaches every righteous servant in the heavens and on earth. (Muslim)

The word “righteous” may be associated with other terms. Allah (Subhaanahu Wa Ta’aalaa) says:

Whoever obeys Allah and the Messenger, indeed, those will be with the ones Allah has blessed: the Prophets, the truthful, the witnesses, and the righteous. (an-Nisaa 4:69)

Al-Zajjaj and others said:
The righteous person is one who fulfills the rights of Allah (Subhaanahu Wa Ta’aalaa) and His servants.

In fact, the word “righteous” means the opposite of the word “corrupt.” Accordingly, when the word “righteous” is used in an absolute sense it means one who works and stays righteous without being corrupted. That is, he is one whose inward works and sayings correspond exactly to his outward obedience to Allah (Subhaanahu Wa Ta’aalaa). On this basis, righteous refers to the Prophets and those who are below them. In the Aayah (Verse) mentioned above, the words “righteous” were used in conjunction with the phrase “Prophets” who in turn are described in different Aayaat of the Quraan as being truthful. Allah (Subhaanahu Wa Ta’aalaa) says:

Mention in the Book, Abraham, verily he was truthful, a Prophet.” (Maryam 19:41)

And He also says:
Mention in the Book, Idris, verily he was truthful, a Prophet.” (Maryam 19:56)

Success comes from Allah (Subhaanahu Wa Ta’aalaa), and Allah (Subhaanahu Wa Ta’aalaa) knows best. (Selection)
Source: Jamia Farooqia Karachi





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