Afghanistan and Destiny of Occupiers

Afghanistan and Destiny of Occupiers

Afghanistan has many strategic points which can listed as: 1. Geographical location and connection with the borders of the most sensitive countries; 2. Profusion of natural resources, water and exquisite stones;

3. Presence of brave and zealous men with brilliant past that has given their country the title of ‘land of Mujahidin and conquerors; 4. Profound and inextirpable relation of Afghans with the perfect religion of Islam; 5. Nature of resistance against strangers and indomitable temper of the Afghan nation. But this piece of land has been a target for big global powers in the contemporary era. The British colonialists were the first who invaded Afghanistan in the early years of the nineteenth century. They did not leave any stone unturned to ensure their influence on Afghanistan; despite a long experience of occupying different countries and colonialism, they met failure in the land of Afghans. Finally they had no option but leaving Afghanistan with notoriety and dishonor.
The Soviet Union occupied Afghanistan in 1979 after attacking it by cultural weapons. But ten years later, the Red Army of the USSR forced to run away from Afghanistan in 1989. It was only the faith of Afghans that made Afghanistan a hell for the USSR soldiers.
The September 11 tragedy and collapse of the World Trade Centre in 2001 justified the invasion of the US-led Western forces on Afghanistan. Presence of the then leader of al-Qaeda and refusal of Taliban government to hand over Osama bin Laden to the US was the pretext of the Western invaders.
Now, the US administration wants to end its military presence in Afghanistan. America shows it will remove its all troops from this country at the end of 2014. The question is that, will it happen? On the other hand, the US officials insist on the Afghan officials to ink up the Bilateral Security Agreement. It is not clear what the Afghan president will do in future; but if the Afghan rulers refuse to sign the agreement, will the US withdraw its all troops? In this case, the world will witness the ignominious pullout of the US and its allies. If Allah wills, the US-led troops will leave Afghanistan ignominiously as it was the destiny of the arrogant powers in Afghanistan.
However, the modern colonialists specially the US officials admit or deny; they are the losers of their widespread unequal invasion. The final victory and proud will be registered on the pages of history on the name of the Muslim nation of Afghanistan and Mûjâhideen who have been fighting and resisting against the occupying forces.
Meanwhile, the US troops and its allies are preparing to run away from Afghanistan; the questions arise what will be the strategy of Afghan masses in general and Mûjâhideen in particular after suffering for a long time? Will the world witness another tragedy as it took place following the withdrawal of the USSR? If Taliban hold the power, will they rule on Afghans in the same way they did in past? What will be the way of Afghans and their representative, the Loya Jirga, (grand assembly)? What about the role of Ulamâ, Islamic seminaries and centers of Afghanistan? And finally, will peace and stability embrace the land of Jihad and martyrdom?
Such similar questions will be answered by the passage of time when the upcoming changes in Afghanistan will clarify all for people. But Afghan intellectuals, Ulamâ and freedom fighters who struggled for years against oppressive and arrogant powers should have thought on such questions; they may have some clear responses. They can figure out an explicit perspective for the future of Afghanistan and its brave nation.
Editorial Note of Neday-e-Islam magazine (V. 14, Issue 55-56)

By Mûfti Muhammad Qâsem Qâsemi, editor-in-chief Neday-e-Islam





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