The Legacy of Mohammedan Prophet-hood [Part I]

The Legacy of Mohammedan Prophet-hood [Part I]

The destiny of this world is bond to the destiny of the human. In the presence of real men in this world, lack of other desirable things such as wealth, beauty etc., is not considered as big loss. It is because; the existence of real men can fill up all other gaps and compensate all losses.  
But when the structure of human becomes subject of deviation, and his culture and morale become corrupt, the world would face shortage of real men, as there is no one to return the humanity back to the right track. In such a situation the appearance of a prophet, to rescue the humanity, becomes a necessity. In this regard the achievement of our Prophet (PBH) is a unique case both in terms of quantity and quality.

He started his mission from an area where no prophet had hitherto been appeared. He started his mission from a point which was the end of animality and the start of humanity, and made it the highest point of humanity. Besides, the prophet-hood also reached to the highest stage, and was ended with him forever.

Every companion of the holy Prophet (PBUH) was a separate living miracle and a feature of the prophet-hood. If all men of the literature in the world gather to describe the characteristics of one of those people, even in their imaginary world, they cannot reach to the point where the trained people of the holy Prophet (PBUH) were subscribed with in reality. Piousness, bravery, love for martyrdom in the way of Allah, sacrifice etc., are those characteristics that, in terms of quality, their example are not found in previous nations.  
That is why we can see that they were trustworthy if engaged in trade, nice and hard-workers if were poor, well-wisher of the people if were entrusted with any position, generous if were wealthy, and humble if were holding a high position.

By: Allamah Sayed Abul Hassan Ali Hassani Nadvi
Neday Islam Magazine, Zahedan, Iran


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