Prayers; the weapon of the faithful, a way to happiness

Prayers; the weapon of the faithful, a way to happiness

Islam encourages for establishing a spiritual and blessing connection between God and man. In this regard, it puts various ways before the man to build and consolidate this spiritual relationship, so that to reach to Allah Almighty, and enjoy His blessing. No doubt, Prayer is one of the valuable ways to establish such a connection. It is a way through that the man wherever and whenever wants, can easily connect to Allah and converse with Him.    
Prayer is also one of the important topics of Holy Qur’an. As Allah likes prayers of His servants, in the same way He dislikes apathy toward practice by the servants because apathy is the sign of arrogance.  The holy prophet (PBUH) advised His ummah to ask fulfillment of their needs from Allah through praying.
There are some tips important for acceptance of prayers:
First, acquiring livelihood through legal ways and avoiding bad act; second, patience and determination on the way of Shari’ah and following Allah’s instructions; third, asking forgiveness from Allah for any committed sin; forth, apathy toward wealth, and avoidance of evil desires; and fifth, cleaning of heart from vain thoughts.
Fulfilling these requirements, the heart will become enlightened, and consequently will be prepared for receiving Allah’s blessing. Regular prayer and awaiting appropriate times designed for acceptance of prayer, will pave the way for the acceptance of prayers. It is reported from Ali bin Abi-Talib, may Allah be pleased with him, that the holy Prophet (PBUH) said: “prayer is the weapon of the believers, pillar of faith and the light of skies and the earth.”

By: Abdul-Latif Naro’ee


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