Father in the Eyes of Son

Father in the Eyes of Son

A glance to the Life of Mullah Abdullah Ahmadyan, his Relics, Thoughts and Literary Works.

Dr. Mullah Abdullah Ahmadyan was one of the brilliant figures of the Sunni community in Iran. He was a biological encyclopedia of Islamic knowledge and social science; and a role model for divine preachers. He had in his credit all those factors that are required for this type of personalities.

Although what have remained from him for the Kurds and the Sunnites as whole, are very valuable in terms of scientific methodology, way of analysis and logic, all of them are a small part of his gigantic knowledge. About half of his books written in Arabic, Persian and Kurdish languages are not published yet. In so many universities his books such as “Key to Hadithology”, “History of Hadith”, “The New World”, “Explanation” etc are being used as text and reference books by the teachers, students and researchers in the subject of Islamic Learning, Islamic Philosophy and Hadithology.

The late Ahmadyan was an eloquent orator and also had a witty nature. In duration of 10 years, more than one thousands sarcastic programs were produced by him and broadcasted from Mahabad station.

In addition of these expertises, he was a skilled artist having a big hand in Islamic and Iranian calligraphy. Another aspect of his multi-dimensional personality was his active role in journalism, where he wrote and published more than 200 research papers and articles on different topics ranging from history and literature to criticism and social science.

By: Ahmad Ahmadyan
Lecturer at Islamic Azad University –Mahabad, Iran


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