The Quintessence of Freedom and Pluralism in ِDevine Literature

The Quintessence of Freedom and Pluralism in ِDevine Literature

The observation of Islam to the life and cosmos is based on two fundamental realities:
1-The God’s oneness
2- Diversity of creation

In Islam, the God’s oneness is considered as spirit of all observation; thoughts, cultures and Islamic civilization. All prophets emphasized their addressees to believe in God’s oneness. Making Him free of all forms of manifestation of spiritual slavery and adoration to other man-made divines, Islam emancipates the man from worshiping the objects, people, the sun, moon, stars, animals and the carnal desires.

The second reality is about the multiplicity of creation, of races, languages, divines, cultures and parties. Islam recognizes all these diversities. The pure divine of God says to the man: “You are not alone in the realm of existence. You should not consider yourself an entity who has no mate and match as there are so many that are your partners in existence and living.”  

It is necessary for the man to realize this reality and know that this is a world with a huge multiplicity. The Almighty has created men in different races and tribes so that they could identify each other as well as opt for co-operation and co-existence; thus avoid alienation, dispute and enmity. Therefore, no race should claim superiority over others.

Similarly, pluralism in religion, culture and politics is an irrefutable fact; therefore, monopolization and totalitarianism in these areas are not acceptable. No matter to believe on rightness of our beliefs and religion, however, we should accept there are also some other religions in the human society. In order to promote tolerance and coexistence with followers of other religions, we should acknowledge that disagreement is the law of nature, and only Allah has the right to prosecute one for his/her beliefs.

We should respect the man on the basis of humanity and regard his rights, and face every one with peace and justice. Variety and multiplicity should be utilized as a factor for promotion and strengthening of Islamic civilization.

Finally, it is to be said that in the subject of religious and political pluralism Islam has brighter history as compared to the western civilization.

By: Dr. Yusuf Qaradawi

Summarized by Neday Islam


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