Salah; the Source of Blessing and Compassion

Salah; the Source of Blessing and Compassion
prayer_00Salah (prayers) is a unique relationship between the bondman and his creator, or the Almighty Allah and the weak individual. Anyone who keeps on performing Salah, s/he would soon realize the value and importance of this unique relationship which can be established through Salah. If we see the characteristics of the human, and beside them think on the characteristics of the Almighty, we would find that the man can only reach to its appropriate status, and quench his internal thirst, desire and greed when he establishes a relationship with Allah.

The procedure of this relationship in the form of Salah is a beautiful framework fit to the human nature and suitable to his soul and body, which was gifted to the Ummah by Allah through his beloved messenger at the Ascension Night. Because this relationship is between a powerful creator and a weak creature, it brings comfort and relaxation to weary and care-worn hearts.
After the declaration of faith to Allah and His messenger, the first and foremost duty of a Muslim is to perform Salah. In various verses of the holy Qur’an, Salah has been declared as first duty after testimony of faith and monotheism. The holy Prophet (S.W.S) said: “The example of quintuple Salahs is like a deep cascading river flowing in front of some one’s house and s/he use to take bath five times a day in it. (Reyadh-ul-Saalehin, Hadith: 1043). The holy Prophet (PBUH) said: “Anyone who performs Fajr prayer, s/he is in the protection of the God. Therefore, oh man! Be careful that the Almighty for such a person would not expect any thing from you”. (Reyadh-ul-Saalehin, Hadith: 1049).
After the testimony of faith, it is compulsory for the Muslim to follow the instructions of the God and the Mohammedan rules and adopt an Islamic style of living; and the Salah is an important tool for creating and living such style of life. It can be said that the Salah is the foundation and pillar of the faith and Islamic style of living. That is why after faith it stands at the top of all other Islamic rituals. By testifying the faith, in fact, we confess that the Almighty is our Lord, so that we undertake to worship Him; and the prophet Muhammad is His messenger, thus we would follow the set of principles brought by Him.
In order to practically enjoy such a life, it is necessary to renew this obligation by recalling the grandeur and greatness of the Almighty. Consequently, fearing Allah and loving Him would be inculcated within us making the man eager and restless for the obedience of the rules of the God. Secondly, there must be a set of principles and practices through them we could repeat such experience. Thirdly, we should believe on the God’s law of reward and punishment. Fourthly, we should repeatedly ask the Almighty for enabling us to establish an Islamic style of living. Fifthly, the environment should be encouraging and conducive for us.
Keeping in mind that living an Islamic life in consistence with Mohammedan principles and the God’s rules is not possible unless the above factors and conditions are met, if we look to the reality of Salah and its components as well as concepts, we would realize that how delicately such factors and components necessary for making and living such a life all are accumulated in it.
In the verses no. 59, Surah Maryam, the effects of Salah are clearly mentioned.  According to that the Salah prevents the man in getting engaged in bad and carnal activities strengthening him to stay firm in piousness while as result of being careless towards it, the man will become the slave of his carnal and evil desires, and consequently will fall into the precipice of perdition. Indeed, observing and not-observing the Salah has direct impact on the prosperity and decline of nations respectively.

By: Naseer Ahmad Syed Zadeh


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