The Manifesto of Islamic Dawah

The Manifesto of Islamic Dawah
islam_dominate_worldDawah is a famous subject and so many things have been said or written about that particularly in recent time; so that a valuable source material is available in this regard. In this short opportunity, I only want to talk about an important and decisive dimension of Dawah that not only the destiny of Dawah is bond to, but also they determine the future destiny of Islamic world. They are highlighted as under:

1- Motivating faith and religious sentiments in the hearts of Muslim masses; because the grasp of Muslim masses to Islam is a great stronghold that can keep Muslim lands and states secure and safe from any invasion.
2- Protecting religions realities and Islamic concepts from distortion and fitting them to the western thoughts or any other political and social term, and also avoid a rigid political interpretation of Islam and exaggeration in equalizing its concepts with contemporary philosophies and human systems.
3- Strengthening spiritual and emotional relations with the holy Prophet (PBUH) and loving his Excellency from deep heart and recognizing him as the last prophet and rescuer of humanity.
4- Regaining the trust of educated and intellectual class and those who are serving as intellectual and educational leaders in the Islamic states, and making them confident towards this fact that Islam has the ability and competency to move along with time development and is able to respond their timely needs.
5- The imported educational system that is prevailing on the Muslim world should be metamorphosed and a new system based on monotheism and Islamic values that are suitable with the status, responsibility and faith of Muslim nations should be established.   
6- Initiating a strong, powerful and global scientific movement that familiarizes the educated class with Islamic heritage and civilization.
7- The western civilization – with its science, theories and techniques_ is like a raw material that the intellectual and political leaders of Islamic world can use it for making a powerful and modern civilization that from one side is characterized with faith, justice and kindness and from other side it would be based on welfare, productivity and novelty.
8- Finally, what Islam and its glorious history needs is the existence of a positive and powerful faith movement that is characterized with far-sight thinking, bravery and confidence; and could defy and challenge great powers of the time who have usurped Islam leadership role and are interfering in the affairs of Muslim and non Muslim states.
It is possible only when the initiators of this movement believe on the superiority of Islam as well as the need of humanity to this cause.

By: Allama Sayyed Abul Hassn Nadawi
Translated by: Abdul Qader Dehqan


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