The World before the Last Prophet (pbuh)

The World before the Last Prophet (pbuh)
world-religionAll of thanks and lauds for the universe’s Creator for the entire gifts then yield to the creature. Who blessed mankind sending the last prophet with guidance message and peace faith for humanity.

If we look tender in the world before from Prophecy last prophet and too we look from Ultimate Spot east until ultimate Spot west we see without doubt that world need to someone whom salvation world. World was in the gloom almost all of systems Humanity unable from leadership mass of people be Cause they haven’t for this problem and ability.
However they could to get Comfort for a little group but they couldn’t consent all of people, because they were unable in this way.
Greece philosophic, Zoroastrianism, Mazdak, Buddhism or Knofosius philosophic; all of them have not solved the problems of people, both social and mental commotions. Humanity has got nothing useful.
The above mentioned religions have no power for guidance of people to Allah; these religions have no root and outset.

Celestial Religions

But the followers of the celestial religions were amazed; these religions came to existence after the prophet Abraham (A.S).
Jews anagrammatized the teachings of Moses and ignominy and decadence were the result; they never could guide people and provide leadership to the world.
Jews believe that faith dependent to the special nation and special descent.
With this believe they started fighting with other people and followers of religions; Jews would continue it until the Judgment Day. The holy Quran declared theme “those who earn Thine anger” (مغضوب علیهم).
On the other side, Christians became perverse after Prophet Jesus (A.S) too.
As In the sixth century, after six centuries this religion was not adopted in the Arab peninsula, the place of last prophet (pbuh).
Here we have one notable discussion; why Arab peninsula and Makkah was chosen for the last prophet. Allah says in holy Quran:
{الله أعلم حیث یجعل رسالته}; Allah knows better whome choose for His prophecy and He knows better where send His prophecy.
Surely some other historic and geographic ingredient that this special city, Makkah was chosen for the prophecy of the last prophet.
After journey to Iraq and Sham (Syria) prophet Abraham (A.S) arrived in the Arab peninsula and settled there.
Prophet Abraham (A.S) mended Ka’bah; Allah almighty says in the holy Quran:
“إنّ اوّل بیتٍ وُضع للناس للذی ببکة”, (The first house (of worship) appointed for mankind was that at Bakka, full of blessing and of guidance for all the world’s and people.)
And Quran states about Prophet Abraham:
“ربنا انی اسکنت می ذریتی آلایة”; (Oh our lord! I have made some of my offspring to dwell in a valley without cultivation by thy sacred housw’ in orders, o our Lord that they may establish regular prayer: so fill the hearts of some among men with love towards them and feed them with fruit’s: so that they may give thank’s.)
Holy Quran says about gospel and the last prophet:
“ربنا وابعث فیهم رسولا منهم یتلوا علیهم آیاته و یعلمهم الکتاب و الحکمة و یزکیهم”
(Our Lord! Send amongst them a messenger of their own’ who shall rehears thy sings to them and instruct them in scripture and wisdom and sanctify them: for thou art the Exalted in might the wise.)
The prayer of Prophet Abraham is light reason for the prophet hood of the last prophet (pbuh). As holy prophet Mohammad said: {انادعوة جدی ابراهیم}, (I am result pray of my grand father Abraham.)
Allah says that Jews and Christians know well about the last prophet in their holy books:
“الذين يتبعون الرسول النبي الامي الذي يجدونه مکتوبا عندهم فی التوراة والانجیل”
(Those who follow the messenger, the unlettered prophet; whom they find mentioned in their own in Scripture and Gospel…)
This famous word in the Scripture:
{{إن رب استعلن من جبال فاران
In the last time, He appears from (Makkah) Faran mountains.
Aggregation of the Jews in Khyber and Medina (Yathrib) is the evidence for this claim that Jews were sure the last prophet would appear in this region among them; Allah says in holy Quran:
“ولقد آتینا موسی الکتاب و قفینا من بعده بالرسل”
(We gave Moses the Book and flowed him up with a succession of messengers; We gave Jesus the son of Mary clear (signs) and strengthened him with the Holy spirit id is that whenever there comes to you a messenger with what ye yourselves desire not; ye are puffed up with pride, Some ye called impostors and others slay!)
The next Ayah (verse) mentions more things about them:
“ولما جاءهم کتاب من عندالله مصدق لما معهم و کانوا من قبل یستفتحون علی الذین کفروا فلما جاءهم ما عرفوا کفروا به فلعنة الله علی الکافرین.”
)And when there comes to them a book from Allah; confirming what is with them; although from of old they had prayed for victory against those without faith- when there comes to them that witch they (should) have recognized: they refuse to believe in it but the curse of Allah is on those without faith.(



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