Pak journalist: Gaza, a symbol of international resistance

Pak journalist: Gaza, a symbol of international resistance
talat-hussainIslamabad, June 9, IRNA — A renowned journalistof Pakistan, Syed Talat Hussain, here Tuesday said Gaza has become a symbol of international resistance.

In an interview with IRNA, the Pakistani journalist said that Gaza is a cause against Israeli humiliation
“ Gaza is under siege and has become a symbol of international resistance”, he said.
The journalist said the situation in Gaza is aggravating rapidly and there is absolutely no indication of Israel signing to change its hard stance over the issue.
Dr. Talat Hussain was on board Gaza-bound “Freedom Flotilla” and was detained by Israeli forces as the ships reached close to Gaza to offload aid for Palestinian citizens. Later Talat Hussain and two other Pakistanis were handed over to Jordan.
The flotilla was organized by pro-Palestinian groups and a Turkish human rights organization.
Despite this clear cut and open proof that people in the flotilla were known figures and going to deliver aid, Israeli forces attacked the convey.
Talat Hussain expressing his views condemned the act of violence committed by Israeli forces which is against norms and principles of international law and human rights.
The journalist added that the attack on aid fleet was an aggression on part of the Israel on the innocent people carrying aid for the people of Gaza .
“The attack was a clear and open violation of all international norms and laws, it was a naked aggression by Israel ”, he noted.
“There is no justification for this criminal act”, he added.
Talat Hussain was also of the view that the significance of Gaza has been increased after the Israeli attack on aid fleet.
“ Gaza is not part of the occupied Palestinian territory”, he stated.
Mr. Hussain answering to a query said that US and UK have their own points of the views over the attack but ‘if you see the statements of the leaders of the international community you will find that everybody has condemned the shameful act of Israe’.
“ Israel has come under heavy pressure by the international community”, the journalist believed.
Responding to a question regarding the role of the United Nations (UN) over the issue he said that in power politics you cannot expect impartial reaction from the UN but the statement of the UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon stressing for independent investigation of the attack was encouraging. “It is a step forward”, said Talat Hussain.
Replying to a query he said that the issue of Gaza is not only Ummah’s issue rather it has attained the status of an international issue.
Talat Hussain stressed upon an international coalition to stop Israel from carrying out aggressive activities against innocent people.
He made it clear that the basic objective of freedom flotilla was to make a coalition of east and west against the aggression of Israel.
He said that Israel will not stop its activities until a coalition is formed. He opined as the coalition would comprise of different countries from all parts of the world so they would be ale to put pressure on the supporters of Israel.
“There should be a global pressure on Israel”, he said.
Talat Hussain is currently the executive director of News and Current Affairs of AAJ Television. He has also written for Newsline, Time Magazine.
He has also previously worked with CNN and ABC as a producer and has done extensive reporting for Los Angeles Times, and the New York Times.
As a media professional he has vast experience in establishing news and current affairs systems.

Source: IRNA


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