Livelihood in View of Quran and Sunnah

Livelihood in View of Quran and Sunnah
quran-sunnahSince creation of mankind, livelihood and basic needs have been the most important obsession of the man. There are many people who are committing crimes or engaged in wrong and non-Islamic activities to meet their basic needs. This article examines factors that play role in earning livelihood either quantitatively or qualitatively.

The holy Quran in many verses discusses about distribution of livelihood among people introducing the Almighty as main source of sustenance for all mankind. It also emphasizes that due to some reasons unknown to man the livelihood of some people are different from some others in terms of quality and quantity. And these differences are natural as well as necessary for social life to an extent that without them the life of the man would go out of its natural path. The Holy Quran and the Hadiths also discuss about physical and metaphysical factors determinant in distribution of livelihood. Some of these factors are saying prayers, asking forgiveness from the Almighty, good treatment with poor people, marriage etc.

Livelihood from Sunnah’s Point of View

After holy Quran, the saying of the holy Prophet (PBUH) is the second key source for explanation of major and minor issues, which compasses different dimensions of Islam. Beside holy Quran, the Sunnah elucidates principles of life and worship. What is understood from sayings of the holy Prophet, the quantity and quality of livelihood for every person is determined by the God almighty.
One of the factors or better to say the main factor in easing the livelihood is trusting on God. If one trusts on the God as the Almighty deserves, undoubtedly the God also shower his blessing upon that person. The holy Prophet in this regard says: “If you trust on God as he deserves, he will in return give you provisions as he is providing the bird with. The bird flays from its nest with an empty stomach and return with a full one.”
On the affects of praying and repentance he says: “One who prays and repents regularly, the Almighty will provide him with a solution for every problem and a relief for every sorrow; and would give him livelihood from a source he has never imagined.” In the above Hadith, the Almighty refers to pure worship as a way of increase in livelihood, and violations from his (the God) directions as a cause of poverty.
The holy Prophet (PBUH) explains the affects of good relations with relatives and says: “Any one, who wants increase in livelihood, and longevity in life, should uphold and observe bonds of relationship.” In various Hadiths his Excellency encourages the rich people to cooperate with poor and help them. Once the Prophet (PBUH) was addressing those who considered themselves economically in good conditions, he said: “Whether it is not right that due to existence of these poor people you are enjoying superiority?”

By: Bahauddin Hesami – Ishnavia


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