Grand Makki Mosque of Zahedan

Grand Makki Mosque of Zahedan
makki-mosqueTo know the great status of the Grand Makki mosque of Zahedan, Iran and its influence on the country, we should reflect on the environment of stricken ignorance where the mosque was founded.

Before it, the Sunni community was a bit far away from its Islamic ideologies and instructions, as some previous ignorantal traditions moved back to the masses; their moral, social, economic and political conditions also were affected. As well as, some superstitious beliefs, and innovations leaked to them.

At that time, women were treated like animals, they were kept in compression and they were oppressed. In addition, they were inherited like properties.
On the other side, blind racism which is forbidden in Islam brought odorous slogans and differences. Bloody clashes took place among Baloch tribes and other casts who live in Balochistan, Iran. Therefore, their lives were jeopardized and they faced many troubles and difficulties. In short, people were rewarded a lot of troubles because of their misdeeds and ignorance. But being Muslims, Allah Exalted saved them and took them out of crises.

Due to some wrong policies of provincial staff and central governments, Baluchistan generally and Zahedan city particularly remained in ignorance and illiteracy. So, no one was interested to develop the area and bring people up, rather they remained alone and helpless in the world.

Reformative and Revival Stage:
After many years, Almighty Allah put on Balochs His mercy, awakened them and made them understand their great status, so they came back towards Exalted God and decided to follow the Islamic instructions. Therefore, Balochs utilised their talents, intelligences and all abilities to reform themselves plus their society in order to make their future bright fully.

Here we must remember the personality who performed people of the region very well at that time and led his nation towards the Islamic path. That is great preacher and the symbol of good deeds, Shaikh Abdulaziz Mullazadeh [1916-1987]. May Allah mercy on him. He served the nation religiously, politically and culturally. He devoted his whole life for the betterment and progress of Muslim Ummah, may Allah place him in the Paradise and reward him the best reward.

Foundation of the Grand Makki Mosque:
Shaikh Abdul Azeez (may Allah mercy on him) founded this mosque in 1971 on the basis of piety and devotion, establishment of this mosque was a turning point in the lives of people over the region.

This mosque has become an Islamic learning center for the Sunni community and a source of correct direction and guidance. It caused reformation of society plus bringing good changes in the lives of Sunni citizens. Makki mosque is the place where the religious and social issues are discussed, where the people find out the solution of their problems and answers of their questions, it is worthy to say that Makki mosque is an excellent knowledge and guidance center.

Shaikh would rang them into the religion and Islamic facts until his last breath, he endured many troubles and removed all the discriminations which had destroyed and separated the whole Muslim Ummah, still Balochs have been enjoying productive results of these efforts of Mawlana Abdul Aziz. Certainly, his departure to the eternal world was a great loss not only for Iranians rather for the whole Muslim Ummah.

Then, Shaikh Abdul Hameed (may Allah protect him) taking his place accepted all the responsibilities and since that time, he has been struggling to fulfill the requirements of this honorable rank. Due to his great performance, he has been given the title of “Shaikh-ul-Islam”.

Shaikh Ismaeelzahi believes that it is haram (forbidden) in Islam to leave the nation alone without giving them any guidance; that’s why he strives to realize Sunni citizens of Iran their great status and to remove the deprivation policies of the regime in order to hand over the nation their rights. In short, he has devoted his complete life for this great purpose; every one can easily judge it in his sincere advices and impressive speeches.

Because of his sincerity and loyalty, he suffocated the fire of tribal disputes and saved them from grinding bloody clashes among the tribes and united the Baloch tribes in Sistan-Balochistan.

The Expansion Project of the Mosque:

The number of Sunni population especially worshipers is increasing day by day. Therefore, Shaikh Abdul Hameed Ismaeelzahi advised the influential Baloch figures to expand the mosque from the four borders. Due to extreme need, it was approved by all. This project started with purchasing the lands and surrounding areas of the mosque by a huge amount, but due to shortage of budget the construction and reconstruction is still continued from sixteen years so far.

Because of overcrowding of worshipers, the mosque is inadequate. Therefore, they offer prayers on the roads and streets.
After completing of the expansion project, it may be the biggest mosque of Sunnis in Iran. However, the old building of the mosque including two minarets was demolished in October 2010 to carry out the project in that place. Workers have been working day and night to complete the expansion project, phase II as quick as possible.

Grand Makki mosque is located in the center of Zahedan, capital city of Sistan-Balochistan, southeast Iran. The mosque contains up to 50,000 square meters.

Annual Celebration and Competition programs

In 1990, the first honorable ceremony was celebrated when the first group of students got graduation at Darululoom Zahedan, situated next to Grand Makki Mosque on Khayyam road, Zahedan.

Still, it has been being held for many years. Final educational year of seminaries of the sub-continent ends by teaching of the last Hadeeth of blessed Saheeh-ul-Bukhari book which is the most accurate and trustable book after the Qur’an.

Because of warm welcome and participation of common people and scholars in a very large number, it was decided to extend the duration of this blessed ceremony till two days in order to be taken more and more benefits of it. It is a great and golden opportunity for scholars to convey the message of Islam towards people as well as for the common people to solve their problems after sharing it with experienced personalities.

It has been noted that this annual event has a great effect as it enhances the knowledge of students and people as well. Moreover, it revives Islamic spirit in young generation.
Because of participants of thousands of people and guests from various parts of the country and rounding states, the mentioned ceremony has been transferred from the Makki mosque to the large place of Eid prayers close to Darululoom.

The competitions have been being held for many years in Hifz-e-Quran (memorizing the Qur’an by heart) and beautiful reciting of Holy Qur’an over the province and the country.

In the same way, such competitions in delivering speech, writing essays, poetry and Islamic songs in different languages, Persian, Balochi, Arabic and English are being conducted among the students.

Such competitions play an important role to increase their knowledge as well as to prepare them for a bright future. No doubt, it has a great profound impact on the students’ lives to utilize their natural abilities.

Youth Squad (Entizamaat):
While describing the activities which are being conducted in this great mosque, we can not forget the efforts of youth squad of Makki mosque, Zahedan. Where they work systematically to provide security, arrange the lines of the mosque and to perform other duties.

Before, it was implementing activities without any harmony and proper management. Then the squad was organized in 1993 by the name of “Entizamaat”. Brother Amanullah Naroi is the supervisor of this group. They are deserved recognition, honor and hospitality in the field of security, arranging forums and religious and scientific gatherings.

Position of the mosque:
Certainly, Sunni community considers this blessed mosque for themselves a shining star in the sky of Iran, where they get Islamic instructions and can flee from the darkness of ignorance. The Sunnis declare this mosque a place where they can achieve their hopes and accurate ideas.

Whenever the followers of Satan tease them, this mosque simplifies its embraces to place them tenderly and helps its lovers.
Thus, this mosque has become the holy sward crucially on the necks of innovations and polytheistic traditions, this is the place where Balochs gather to preserve the bloods, properties and honors. It is considered a fortress and fortified fence for the leadership of the Sunnis in Iran and basis for preaching and reform in all the affairs of life.

So Almighty Allah returned the Sunni community to their combined harmony and strong relationships. Now, it has become the forum where scholars, students and visiting people share their different view points regarding different matters and current situation, they belong to various communities and school of thoughts.

Here as a result, Sunni people gained achievements in both, field of electoral and political and religious unification. The Sunni community of Iran became a great and glorious community as before it was unknown. This mosque became holy badge of honor and the Sunni community is very proud of it. May Allah sponsor it for always.


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