Biography of Late Karimbardi Akhond Ahmadi

Biography of Late Karimbardi Akhond Ahmadi
bardiLate Karimbardi Akhond Ahmadi was one of the great and influential scholars of Sunnites in Turkeman Sahara region. He was born in a respected religious family in 1924 AD.

He started his education career by learning the Holy Quran at a school founded by his late father. The communism revolution in Russia and its following invasion to Central Asia including Bukhara and Keeves that were the centers of Islamic knowledge, resulted into the migration of many religious scholars of those areas to Turkeman Sahara. Ghayeb Akhond and Beg Murad Ishan were of those scholars who had migrated to Iran and settled in Turkeman Sahara. Karimbardi did his primary education under the guidance of these two migrant scholars. Then for two years he was taught by Qorban Akhond Eradehee. By return of Abdul Wahab Daghestani to Iran and the reopening of religious school of Korler Kalaleh, Karimbardi went there to pursue his higher education. Five years of study in Kalala are counted as the most prolific period of his study career. Finally, in 1947 AD under the supervision of Abdul Wahab Akhond, he completed his education and was awarded the title of Akhond.
Finishing his education the main goal of late Ahmadi was to improve the believe system of the people of his area. He took his first practical step by establishing Ahmadia Qojems Madrassah in 1947 AD. His second step was keeping-up of the Friday and the Eids prayers in Kalala city in 1957 AD. Another activity of late Karim was battling against superstitions. Fear of God, good-consciousness, generosity, helping the needy people, organizing religious gatherings and patience were his most brilliant personal characteristics. His heart was full of love to the Holy Prophet (PBUH) and his companions. He paid tribute to the quadruple imams of Sunnites and other well-know Sophies. However, he believed on Sophism within the framework of the Holy Quran and Sunnahs rejecting Sophism mixed with superstitions.  In the field of jurisprudence, as a Hanafi, late Karimbardi had a good understanding of this school of thought and besides, he was aware of other jurisprudences. He died in 2008. Thousands of people participated in his funeral with grief and tears. He was laid for final rest in Qojamz village nearby the grave of his father.   

By: Hammad Ahmadi
Neday Islam Magazine


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