khatm-e-nubuwatThe founder of Qadianism is Mirza Ghulam Ahmad who was born in 1830 A.D in Punjab state of India. He did his primary education within his family and read some books on syntax, logic and traditional medicine under supervision of some local people. Then, he worked at the governor-house of Sialkot city for four years. He was a very simple minded person and suffering from some chronic diseases. In Mirza’s time the political situation of India was very turbulent, and an atmosphere of disillusionment and frustration was prevailing, so, he voiced the slogan of defending from Islamic principles and beliefs. In this regard he made some efforts that led to his popularity. Initially, he introduced himself as a reformist and authored two books namely Barahin e Ahmadiya and Surmeh Chashm Arya. In his books he has collected some reasons for proving the rightness of Islam. In some sections he mentions that he is authorized to reform the society and prove the rightness of Islam using the methods of Jesus. In some parts of the book he also praises the British Empire. In the next phase, Mirza claimed that he was being inspired by the Almighty and in fact he was the promised Mehdi. Not much later he claimed that the Almighty had revealed for him that he was the promised Jesus the Christ and therefore he had come to nullify the Muhammad on law. At the same time he announced that the order of Jihad had been expired and obedience to British rule was now necessary, therefore, any one who did not believe on his sayings was an infidel.

Signs were indicating that he was carrying on a mission from the British to work for their imperialistic ends.  Coming to know his real identity and his baseless beliefs, the Ulema blasphemed him. Later on, the parliament of Pakistan under the leadership of Z.A. Bhutto and the Rabatat-al-Aalam Islami declared Mirza’s followers as infidels too. The successors of Mirza fled to Britain and established their main center of activities over there extending their activities in most of European as well as some Islamic countries.

By: Dr Ubaidullah Badpa


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