Prophets versus Reformists and Pioneers of Social Change: A Comparative Study (Part I)

Prophets versus Reformists and Pioneers of Social Change: A Comparative Study  (Part I)
prophetsRevelation is the most distinguishing characteristic of prophets by which they have been honored. It is the source of their faith; knowledge and preaching that separate them from other groups. That is why they cannot be compared with other personalities such as political leaders, reformists, philosophers and ideologues who have played role in different periods of human history.

The second characteristic of prophets is that they began redressing the belief system of people training them how to make contacts with their sole God and what kind of beliefs should they have towards him. The summoning of prophets is based on worships. Their argument and teaching is that the benefits and loss are only at the hand of the God almighty; that is why, only he deserves worship and prayers, auspices and sacrifice. Therefore, the essential pillar of divine summoning until the great resurrection and the everlasting heritage of prophet hood is monotheism.

The full-fledged struggle of prophets has always been against polytheism and worshiping of the others-than-God in the shape of idles as well as living and dead personalities. Idolatry and polytheism is a universal ignorance which has been part of the human’s old collection of diseases. Unfortunately this is the Achilles’ heel which the man has been suffering from during every era of transformation. And it is that detestable character which provokes the anger of the Almighty as well as prevents the people from social, moral and spiritual development.

However, other symbols of ignorance such as obedience to others-than –God, acceptance of their judgment, surrender to non-Islamic laws and recognition of non- Islamic regimes are also counted in polytheism although, their intensity is lesser than open-polytheism  that was discussed earlier.

Therefore, open polytheism should not be taken too lightly and be given a marginal and secondary position in the main principles of summoning, preaching, propagation and jihad. Also, it should not be put in the same category beside political obedience and administrative compliance. To add in passing, open polytheism and idolatry are not supposed to be considered as characteristics of the Era of Ignorance which now is over. It would indeed be an insult to the prophets’ summoning and their efforts as well as distrust to the eternality of the holy Quran.

By: Syed Abul Hassan Ali Hassani Nadvi
Translated by: Muhammad Qasem Bani Kamal (Qasemi)
The chairman of dr-ul-Eftaa Darululoom Zahedan, Iran


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