Prophets: the Pioneers of Guidance and the Leaders of Human (Part 1)

Prophets: the Pioneers of Guidance and the Leaders of Human (Part 1)
prophetsThe Humanity throughout its long history has been a toy for political and social leaders and a practicing board for lawyers and philosophers. They have played with its emotions, feelings and intellect as a child treats a piece of paper, folding it as he wants, playing with it, tearing it, throwing it away and some times putting it on fire. The above mentioned leaders have not regarded any value for human capital, its talents and power always misusing trust, feelings and sacrifices of nations. In this regard they neither have had fear from the Almighty nor have observed any kind of respects and sanctity towards humanity.

Still a great number of nations in the West and East are under the dominance of such adventurous and dauntless leaders. The worst failed experience of the humanity has taken place in the area of religion and belief while the success and failure of the man in this world and the world after depends on this part. Religions and beliefs could bring reforms to civilizations and ethics, and lead the man to establish contact with the Almighty, become close to his creator through his worship and regularize his life style by obeying the Gods rules. Therefore any mistake in the area of belief and faith is irreparable. The human needs such a leader who is:

–    immunized from apprehension and making mistakes;
–    free from selfishness and materialism;
–    not influenced by emotions and carnal desires;
–    does not decide on the basis of personal interests;
–    does not make judgment according to his limited knowledge and experience;
–    And in case he did any mistake by the personal systematic reasoning and was informed by the Almighty, he does not insist on his wrong acts.

Honesty is the essential pillar of prophet hood and the prophets always used to ensure people about their sincerity and benevolence. They were free from any kind of greed and personal interest. And the honesty that they were enjoying was a strong guarantee for their followers to be immunized from doubts and thus do not fall into deviation and perdition. It is also necessary to be mentioned that Prophets were not merely the preacher of a particular religion or belief. In fact they were founders of a civilization and a unique style of living that could be called Divine Civilization; A civilization that is based on monotheism, remembering the God and pure nature and heart; a civilization that is underpinned on kindness toward the humanity.

Prophet Abraham laid the foundation of this civilization and his grandson Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) completed it. Abraham was the person who blew a new soul into the corpse of this civilization, strengthened its pillars, and universalized it. However, this civilization neither has had nor will have any relation with polytheism; and in no circumstance it has accepted it. It is not familiar with materialism; and condemns disputes and rivalries over power positions.

This civilization does not believe on any distinction among people on the basis of race and colour. Its main slogans in the arenas of belief, society and ethics are polytheism, tolerance and equality, and courtesy respectively. This civilization encourages people to strive for the world after, go to Jihad and observe war ethics in the battle ground. And in governance it emphasizes upon justice rather than taxation.

This civilization is well known throughout history for its sincere service to humanity and rescuing it from the ignorance and deviation. This civilization is tied with the name and remembrance of the God; that is why it is not possible to separate spirituality and divine colour from it.

By Syed Abul Hassan Ali Hassani Nadwi
Translated by:  Muhammad Qasem Bani Kamal (Qasemi)


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