Islamic Training and Education

Islamic Training and Education
knowledgehdGood education is an instrument for building the personality of the man and beautifying it with good human characteristics. Without good training it is not possible for the man to secure himself from engulfing into the net of deviation and rascality that are menacing for his faith and behavior. The best workable and useful method in training and socialization of human being is the Islamic education that, its outline is chalked out from the holy Quran and the Sunnahs of the holy Prophet (PBUH).

Islamic education is defined as training of mind, and directing the man’s behavior, his feeling and emotions according to the teaching of Islam, in a way that injunctions of Islam are applied in all aspects of his life. Islam is a natural religion and respects all abilities of the man and coaches them in a weighing scale without going to any extreme or extravagance. That is why it gives value to the brainpower power of the man and guides it towards decency and goodness.

Islam encourages the man to think on the world and universal laws, and pay attention on extra ordinary facts; as it would deepen his wisdom to feel the rightness and remember the God. Islam pays particular attention on training the spirit, and develops some characteristics inside the man so that he can always regard the God as his caretaker and see the Almighty informed of all his secrets.

But the experts of modern education have confined it (education) into science and arts totally ignoring the spirits, feelings and emotions. The result of this approach is the existing imbalance between rationality and feeling. As Mr. Alexis Karol says: “No doubt that our present civilization has not been able to accomplish the great desire of humanity. This civilization has been negligent in educating those people who are necessary for its development and preservation in the direction of general interests and survival of the universe.”  

The great Islamic scholar Molana Abul Hassan Nadwi says: “It is not in the interest of Muslims that their system of education be based on imported principles; on the contrary it is necessary that these modern sciences be revised on the bases of Islamic principles; and a result should be driven from them that is not only in contradiction with the religion but also leads to its (religion) empowerment”.

By: Naseer Ahmad Sayed Zaadeh


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