The Commander in chief of Islam: Sayyidana Khaled

The Commander in chief of Islam: Sayyidana Khaled
khaled-walidSayyidana Khaled was one of the prominent companions of the Holy Prophet (PBUH). He is ranked among great commanders and conquerors of the early era of Islamic history. Abu Solomon Khaled son of Walid son of Mughirah in his sixth ancestor reaches to the genealogical tree of the Holy Prophet (PBUH). He was born in a wealthy and upper-class family of Bani Makhzoom tribe. Since childhood he had a deep interest to house riding and one-to-one wrestling. Sayyidana Khaled in his youth was one of the headstrong enemies of Islam. He embraced Islam in 8th year of Hijra. During Holy prophet’s period Sayyidana Khaled showed significant bravery, and played important role at Mootah and Hunain wars as well as conquering of Mecca; thus was praised with the title of Sword of God by his Excellency (PBUH).

During Sayyidana Aboobakr period, Khaled was among great commanders who conducted military operations against Murtaddin (those who converted from Islam soon after the demise of the Holy Prophet (PBUH)) and killed Nowayra and Musaylamah Kazzaab at Yamamah War. He fought against Iranian Empire at Zaat-o-ssalaasel, Mezar and Doljah battles freeing Iraq from the clutches of Iranians, and also conquered Syria by defeating Byzantines in the decisive war of Yarmook. He died in 642 AD at the age of sixty and was laid for final rest in Hams city. Most of historians confess Sayyidana Khaled’s bravery, faith and intelligence counting him among few shining persons of human history.

By Habibullah Marjani


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