Love to the Household of the Holy Prophet (PBUH)

Love to the Household of the Holy Prophet (PBUH)
ahlLove and affection to the household of the holy Prophet (PBUH) is a subject that needs more discussion as all Islamic sects acknowledge it and in fact, it has been a matter of glory and pride for them. Whatever proved on the strength of the holy Quran is that the wives of the holy Prophet (PBUH) are regarded as his household.  According to the plain text of the holy Prophet’s sayings his two grand children – Imam Hassan &Imam Hussain _along with their parents are to be counted as his household too. Some scholars categorize household on the basis of three factors: parentage, inhabitance, and birth. Therefore, the household of the holy Prophet (PBUH) is divided into three groups: close relatives, wives, and children and offspring.

The Sunnis respect and love the household of the holy Prophet (PBUH), and put its each member on a position s/he deserves. They make fair judgment about them without mixing up their personal sentiments, and do not ignore any one of them. On the basis of relationship as well as companionship, the Sunnites respect and love that part of the household who had the honour to see the holy Prophet (PBUH) and to be with him. They also love other segment of the household who could not meet his Excellency but had faith upon. However, in both cases, there is a direct linkage between their nobleness and their faith. They would enjoy the honour of being member of the household if they have had faith to Islam; otherwise, simple relationship with the holy Prophet (PBUH) would not be helpful. It can be concluded:

1-love and respect to the household of the holy Prophet (PBUH) is the sign of faith.
2-Wives and children of the holy Prophet (PBUH) and his relatives from the genealogical tree of Abdul Mottaleb are counted as his household.
3- Each of the eleven religious heads  (the Eleven Imams) were shining stars of sainthood and  asceticism and guardian of Sunnahs of the holy Prophet (PBUH) during their eras, but household of the Holy Prophet is not limed to them.
4- Sons of Hashim (Bani Hashim) and other relatives of the holy Prophet (PBUH) are to be considered as household if they were believers and followers of his instructions.
5-The relationship of the holy Prophet (PBUH) with his wives is not disrupted and they would remain his wives in this world and hereafter.

By: Abdul Qader Dehqan
A Sunni writer and scholar in Balochistan, Iran


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