Global Situation and the Duty of Islamic Ummah

Global Situation and the Duty of Islamic Ummah
islam-dawaIn spite of developments in different parts the world is facing with host of crises, unrests and other serious issues. In fact, in many aspects the present situation of the world has similarities with the situation of the sixth century (A.D) prior to appearance of our holy Prophet (PBUH). Before the appointment of the holy Prophet (PBUH) the people of the world were suffering from injustice. The oppressive and despotic rulers were violating the rights of the people showing magnanimity towards the instructions of Islam. At present, the same situation is prevailing in the world too.

In that pre-Islamic situation the reformists and intellectuals of the society had been disappointed from the future of the man but the Almighty gave favour to the man and appointed Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) as Last Prophet and the saviour of entire humanity. The appointment of his Excellency was a new transformative epoch in the life of the human. With his tireless efforts the holy Prophet (PBUH) laid the foundation of an Ummah who could step into right direction, as well as guide other people.
The Muslim Ummah is the successor of the holy Prophet (PBUH) that continuing his path. History shows that whenever the dignitaries of Islamic Ummah have attempted to reform the society, besides being blessed with dignity and pride they have become the source of blessings and rescue for other people. In the same way, whenever they have not done their duty properly, they have fallen into decline and backwardness and besides the whole world of humanity has engulfed into the ocean of uncertainty and deviation. The present situation of the world shows that the Islamic Ummah that is bearing the message and prescription of prosperity and happiness is not performing its duty well. As result, the human society in general has plunged into crises and misfortune. Now who_ in the form of an Ummah- should be obsessed for humanity? Is there any Ummah except Muslim Ummah that can undertake this task? Whether it is not the responsibility of this Ummah to reform the human society? Indeed the Islamic Ummah should come up with a new approach for completing its mission. The feeling of carrying a mission will revitalize the Muslim Ummah and increases its spiritual and material power.
As matter of fact, we are used to blame the enemy habitually. while its oppression and attacks on Islam should provoke the Islamic zeal among the Muslims, awaken them from negligence and return them to the true instructions of Islam, thus, they would attempt to reform themselves and then make planning for reforming the whole human society. If the current situation could not awaken us, then for what kind of event and incident should we wait to happen and revive us?  Should we neglect the issues such as Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan, Bosnia and Herzegovina and the incidents such as martyrdom of champion of modesty Ms. Marwah Sharbini at the German court?
Indeed, we should revise our acts and behaviors and repent for our negligence and take step for restoration of Islamic values.

By Editor of Neday Islam Magazine


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