• Ten Days in Australia

    Published on : 11 11 2017

    Ten days long journey in Australia passed in a flash. The hosts complained that the duration of the trip is short; I also felt these few days were less.


  • Expelled from Home, Caught in Neighbors’ Purgatory

    Published on : 31 10 2017

    Myanmar’s Muslim minority, Rohingya have been described by the UN as “the most friendless people in the world”.


  • A Glance into Halal Industry in Iran and World

    Published on : 25 10 2017

    The issue of Halal and Haram (permissible and forbidden) has been discussed and underlined in all divine religions. The objects of Halal and Haram have been discussed and expressed in Islam on the basis of strong, clear and wide principles in the Qur’an and Sunnah.


  • Leniency & Tolerance in Prophetic Life

    Published on : 31 08 2017

    Leniency and tolerance are two favorite characters in all human societies of different sects, religions and intellectual tendencies. Practical fulfilment of these two characteristics in a society has direct influences on the durability and survival of that society.


  • An Interesting Talk with Ml. Mohammad Hassan BarfiAn Interesting Talk with Ml. Mohammad Hassan Barfi

    Published on : 26 08 2017

    Mawlana Mohammad Hassan Barfi, Friday Imam and rector of the Islamic seminary in Tabas-Masinâ, is one of the old-line and reputable Ūlamâ/Islamic scholars in the province of South Khorâsân.


  • Internet & Social Networks; Advantages & Threats

    Published on : 26 10 2016

    The great expense of internet and social networks, and growing interest of different classes of the society in this phenomenon have left many positive and negative effects in the global society.


  • Last Years’ of a Vigilant Reformer

    Published on : 29 09 2016

    Maulana Abdol-Hamid narrates the life of late Maulana Abdol-Azîz, may Allah have mercy on him, after the Iranian revolution until his demise


  • Advice of a Baloch Old Man to his Son

    Published on : 03 05 2016

    Allameh Iqbal is one of the most influential and vigilant figures in the contemporary era; a character whose words and comprehensive opinions have crossed geographic borders and sat on the hearts.


  • A Journey to India; Contemplations & Reflections

    Published on : 25 04 2016

    In Feb. 2016, I and one of the respectable colleagues left Iran to India to take part in the 25th annual seminar of “Islamic Fiqh Academy of India”. The seminar was held in a mountainous and green area, near the city of Badarpur of Kareemganj district in the state of Assam.


  • Madīnah; City of the Prophet, Shelter of Hearts

    Published on : 12 05 2015

    All Muslims love Madīnah, the city of prophet Mūhammad, peace be upon him, wholeheartedly. This blessing city is the light of every Muslim’s life. It is the city where the last messenger Mūhammad, peace be upon him, settled down until his last breath and Muslims supported the true religion of Islam in this stronghold.