• The Battle of Badr/pictures

    Published on : 30 08 2010

    In the second year of the Hijrah, the Messenger of Allah صلى الله عليه وآله وسلمset out on the 8th of Ramadan with three hundred and five of his Sahabah mounted on seventy camels. ‘Amr ibn Umm Maktum was assigned to lead the prayer while Abu Lubabah was left in charge of Madinah.


  • US wars: People vs Generals

    Published on : 26 08 2010

    While the Obama administration continues to affirm its intention to withdraw US troops from Iraq and Afghanistan, the US’ military presence in the Muslim world is actually expanding and this is exacerbating tensions and inflaming animosities.


  • Freedom of Expression?

    Published on : 13 08 2010

    With the latest in-your-face act of the Facebook, the issue is once again attracting headlines. Should Muslims react? How should they react? Where do they stand on the philosophical issue underlying all this?


  • Cordoba House controversy shows Islamophobia still rages

    Published on : 12 08 2010

    Afierce controversy is raging in the United States over plans to build an Islamic community and outreach centre, including a mosque, in Lower Manhattan, several blocks from “Ground Zero” – the site where the World Trade Centre stood when it was attacked on September 11, 2001.The controversy started when the Cordoba Initiative, led by Imam […]


  • ‘The tears have dried up’

    Published on : 11 08 2010

    Hungry and thirsty, the survivors of the Pakistan floods wait in sodden tents for aid to get through, struggling to come to terms with the events of recent days.


  • Portrait of an occupied country

    Published on : 31 07 2010

    In the days since whistleblower website Wikileaks released more than 90,000 military reports chronicling the war in Afghanistan from 2004 to 2009, journalists and commentators have written extensively about the deteriorating security situation they describe.


  • Afghanistan – paths to peace

    Published on : 20 07 2010

    History is about to take a monumental turn in the rugged, desolate hills and dales of Afghanistan where the world’s sole superpower leads an alliance facing defeat at the hands of the nameless resistance fighters of al-Qaeda and the Taliban.


  • The Afghan ‘No Exit’ War

    Published on : 04 07 2010

    In contrast to World War II and Desert Storm — which had clear goals, even though those of the latter were limited — the war in Afghanistan resembles the Spanish-American War and the Vietnam War.


  • Why the US Can’t Win Afghan War?

    Published on : 27 06 2010

    The growing rift between the American regime and military became evident with the upset of General McChrystal but more importantly, it reminded us of something bigger: the American war strategy in Afghanistan has largely failed and American military is fast losing its confidence in the Afghan war. Indeed, for war experts and strategists, it was […]


  • America’s Moment of Truth in Afghanistan

    Published on : 23 06 2010

    It would appear that the United States has a choice between acknowledging defeat, pulling out, and suffering the inevitable political humiliation, or continuing to fight an unwinnable war and bleeding further. Is there a third option? Yes — a negotiated settlement, says Patrick Seale.