• NY Police betrayed Muslims

    Published on : 29 08 2013

    New revelations that New York police department has designated mosques and Islamic organizations across the city as “terrorist organizations” has sent shock waves among Muslims, feeling betrayed by authorities after long years of cooperation to build trust.


  • Uighur Muslim kicked from home over Niqab

    Published on :

    A Uighur Muslim woman has been forced by Chinese authorities to evict her rented property in the northwestern region of Xinjiang for wearing a face veil, in a clear violation of her human rights.


  • Kids’ Islamic Books Offer Rare Education

    Published on : 21 08 2013

          In a bid to offer Muslim children an Islamic education, an American Muslim teacher has issued a new series of Islamic books in English for children, filling an important void for the English-speaking Muslim minorities worldwide.


  • Facebook Launches Islamic Hijri Calendar for Muslim Events

    Published on : 19 08 2013

          Social networking site Facebook has launched the Islamic Hijri calendar as a new feature for birthdays.


  • Prayer to be recited from minaret in Sweden

    Published on : 13 04 2013

    After a positive decision was received from the Botkyrka Municipal Assembly to the application for adhan (the Muslim call to prayer) to be recited from the minaret of the Fittja Ulu Mosque in the Swedish capital of Stockholm, safety forces completed their technical inspections and granted approval for adhan to be played on the mosque’s […]


  • Rising hate crimes alarm Canadian Muslims

    Published on : 08 04 2013

    Alarmed by increasing hate attacks, Ontario Muslims have come together to plan a hate crimes workshop later this month to help Muslim women understand the crimes and report them to officials.


  • Children killed in Myanmar school fire

    Published on : 02 04 2013

    Thirteen children have been killed after a fire, apparently caused by an electrical fault, engulfed an Islamic school dormitory in Myanmar’s largest city.


  • Myanmar Muslims targeted with ‘brutal efficiency’: UN

    Published on : 27 03 2013

    A United Nations official, Vijay Nambiar, has said that the houses and mosques of Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar have been targeted with “brutal efficiency” in recent attacks.


  • Madrasah Harassment Angers India Muslims

    Published on : 21 03 2013

    Muslim leaders are raising their voices to complain of police harassment of students and teachers of Islamic schools in the Indian city of Hyderabad following twin blasts.


  • New Muslims Share Experience in India

    Published on : 11 03 2013

    Sharing their experience after embracing their new religion, Muslim reverts in India have come together to discuss their conversion stories and tackle problems they are facing, Two Circles website reported Sunday, March 10.