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A Just Settlement to the Palestinian Issue Will Ensure Global Security

A Just Settlement to the Palestinian Issue Will Ensure Global Security

Shaikh ul-Islam Mawlana Abdol Hamid, in his Friday prayer sermon in Zahedan today (May 31, 2024), strongly condemned Israel’s “massacre” and “ruthless slaughter” in the bombing of the Palestinian refugee camp in Rafah. He emphasized, “The world must put pressure on Israel to agree to a ceasefire, a just settlement, and the recognition of an independent Palestinian state.”

Israel Committed the “Worst Crime” Against the Palestinian People in Rafah
According to the Zahedan Sunni Imam’s Office website, Mawlana Abdol Hamid said, “Unfortunately, Israel bombed Rafah with bombs that burn and kill humans, committing the worst and most heinous crime against the Palestinian people. The whole world has protested against Israel’s crimes.”
He further added, “In this age of communications, the people of the world will not accept oppression, crime, murder, and slaughter from anyone. The world protests against anyone who commits injustice and disregards the rights and dignity of humans. Today, Israel is at the forefront of those who commit injustice in the world, and that is why the world has turned against Israel.”

Recognizing an Independent Palestinian State Is in Israel’s Best Interest and Will Contribute to Global Security
The Zahedan Friday Prayers leader noted, “It is in Israel’s best interest to stop the oppression, crime, and ruthless slaughter. Israeli extremists should not think that killing women and children and making people homeless is in Israel’s best interest. This crime and slaughter not only do not benefit the Israelis but also lead to the destruction of the world and the hereafter and tarnish their reputation in the eyes of the world. The harm done to those who have been killed is far less than that done to those who have committed genocide, war crimes, and massacres.”
He asserted, “We are thinking of the good of all. Israel’s good lies in a ceasefire, a just peace, and the recognition of an independent Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital. I sincerely urge all people of the world to put pressure on Israel to agree to a ceasefire and a just settlement; this is in the best interests of the whole world and will have a significant impact on stopping the war in the Middle East, reducing global insecurity, and combating ‘terrorism’.”

“Just Peace” on the Palestinian Issue Will Dry Up the Roots of “Global Terrorism”
Mawlana Abdol Hamid continued, “A just peace on the Palestinian issue will dry up the roots of global terrorism, because terrorism takes shape when an unarmed nation is oppressed and the oppressor does not give in to justice, dialogue, and the right to self-determination. Of course, terrorism is never justified and is condemned in all its forms from our point of view, but expert analyses show that oppression, crime, occupation, bullying, and refusal to submit to justice and dialogue are the biggest causes of the phenomenon of terrorism.”
He emphasized, “Many experts believe that the most important factor in establishing security in the world is possible through resolving the Palestinian issue and recognizing an independent Palestinian state.”

Thanks to Everyone Who Prayed for My Recovery and Worked Hard in This Regard
In another part of his Friday prayer sermon in Zahedan, Mawlana Abdol Hamid, referring to his medical trip, said, “I had a medical trip. Thank God, the illness was diagnosed and treated well, and thank God, I am feeling better now. I believe and am confident that more than medicine and mundane causes, the prayers of the dear people, both men and women, and different segments of society, have had a great impact on my recovery. I thank all the dear people who prayed for me and also all those who cooperated and followed up and worked hard in this trip.”
He continued, “Let’s pray that God Almighty does not let us fall into the love of the world and that our lives are spent on the right and correct path and in the way of the interests of the world and the hereafter of the people, and that He grant us all steadfastness on the path of truth and moderation.”

The Late Pir Mohammad Melazehi Was a “Benevolent Man” and a “Fair Analyst”
At the end of his Friday prayer sermon in Zahedan, Mawlana Abdol Hamid referred to the death of the late Pir Mohammad Mollazehi, a prominent Sunni scholar from Balochistan, and said, “Mr. Pir Mohammad Mollazehi was a prominent writer and analyst. He was a benevolent man and always offered fair and just analyses. May God Almighty forgive him and grant him high ranks.”

The Quran, the Prophet Muhammad, and the Kaaba Belong to All Humanity and Benefit All
Referring to the approaching Hajj season, , Sheikh-ul-Islam Mawlana Abdol Hamid, in the first part of his speech, stated that “the Quran, the Prophet Muhammad, and the Kaaba” belong to all humanity and are for the benefit of all. He then offered some advice to pilgrims to the House of God.

Hajj Pilgrims Should Consider Their Presence in the Holy Shrines as a “Favor and Grace from Allah” and Avoid Falling into “Negligence and Selfishness”
According to the website of the Office of the Friday Imam of Sunni Muslims of Zahedan, Mawlana Abdol Hamid considered the presence in the land of the Holy Shrines as a “divine blessing and favor” for the pilgrims and said: “Some believers may be restless for the Hajj pilgrimage and the presence in the Holy Shrines, but when they get there, they fall into negligence and selfishness to some extent. While a pilgrim should not consider himself holy and self-sufficient and others in need, and attribute his presence in the Holy Shrines to himself and his money, but should consider the Hajj pilgrimage as a blessing and favor from Allah Almighty. There are many rich people who have not been able to go on Hajj despite their many efforts. Therefore, we should consider every act of worship as a favor and grace from Allah Almighty and a blessing and favor from God.”

The Reward of an Accepted Hajj is “Paradise”
The director of Darul Uloom of Zahedan further noted: “The Quran, the Prophet Muhammad, and the Kaaba belong to all humanity and are for the benefit of all. Dear pilgrims, in that land, pray for guidance and forgiveness for yourselves, for your country and people, for the Islamic world, and for all humanity and mankind.”
He stated: “Arafat is the place of acceptance and fulfillment of prayers; whoever has the honor of being present there and making acceptable prayers and worship, all his sins are forgiven and he is purified from sins like one who has just been born; this is a great honor.”
He added: “It is narrated in the hadiths that the reward of an accepted Hajj is “Paradise.” Prayers, Hajj, and worship are accepted by God that are free from pride and are done for the sake of God. One should not go on Hajj with the intention of being called “Hajji” by people.”

Hajj Pilgrims Should Spend Most of Their Time Reciting the Quran, Praying, and Circumambulating the Kaaba and Staying in the Holy Shrines
The Friday Imam of Zahedan stated: “The opportunity of Hajj and the presence in the land of the Holy Shrines is a very precious and valuable opportunity. My recommendation to the dear pilgrims is to seize this opportunity and try to spend most of their time in the Holy Shrines and in reciting the Quran, praying, and circumambulating the Kaaba.”
He emphasized: “Dear pilgrims! Do not waste your time in the markets without necessity. Prayer rugs, rosaries, and other supplies and goods can also be found in the markets of Zahedan and other cities and regions; bring with you from the land of the Holy Shrines the acceptable act that has a special virtue in the Masjid al-Haram and the Masjid an-Nabawi, and the acceptable prayer in the desert of Arafat.”

Religion is in the Interest of Humanity
In the initial part of his speech at the Friday prayer in Zahedan, Mawlana Abdol Hamid also spoke about the position and impact of “religion and divine decrees” and said: “All divine commands and prohibitions have a positive effect in the lives of human beings. All divine decrees and the beautiful teachings of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him and his family) that are proven from the Quran and authentic hadiths are very effective for the salvation and deliverance of man in this world and the hereafter. Of course, those self-made things that are not proven from the Quran and tradition not only have no positive effect, but also have a negative effect.”
He added: “There is an impact in religion; religion brings man closer to God. By acting on the divine commands, man establishes a relationship with God and reaches purity. Distance from religion and distance from the decrees are in fact distance from God and distance from happiness in this world and the hereafter. Religion is in the interest of humanity. Reason also confirms that sins and what are forbidden in Sharia are harmful to man and society. Reason confirms the beneficial nature of the decrees of religion. If we think and research about the divine decrees, we will be sure of their beneficial nature.”

Reciting the Names of Allah Almighty Brings Goodness, Mercy, and Blessing to Life
In the continuation of his speech, the Friday Imam of Zahedan, referring to the verse “And to Allah belong the best names, so call Him by them and leave off those who incline to deviation in their religion. They will be fully recompensed for what they have done” [A’raf: 180], stated: “All the names and attributes of Allah are blessed and influential and play an effective role in human life. Ninety-nine names have been mentioned for ‘Allah’. Many of these names are mentioned in the Quran and many of them are mentioned in the hadiths. Allah Almighty says: Call me by any of these names you wish. Allah considers all his names to be effective.”
Reciting the names of Allah brings love and greatness of Allah into the heart and is a source of goodness, mercy, and blessing in life.
He stated: “Three of the names of God exist in ‘Bismillah-ar-Rahman-ar-Rahim'( In the Name of God, the Merciful, the Compassionate). The name of the Lord’s essence and His mercy and kindness encompass the entire universe. The mercy and kindness of Allah Almighty are so vast that they encompass all of creation, including everything other than God, human and jinn creations, angels, and all other beings and all the people of the world and all the animals of land and sea, grazing and flying animals benefit from the mercy of Allah.”
Mawlana Abdol Hamid said: “”Bismillah” is incredibly beautiful and brings blessings. Any good deed that starts with “Bismillah” becomes blessed itself. He explained that the name “Allah,” whether spoken in remembrance, supplication, seeking help, or seeking support, brings blessings upon us.”
The director of Darul Uloom Zahedan noted: “Do not sever your connection and relationship with Allah Almighty because of the actions of some and do not lose your devotion and belief in Allah and the Messenger of Allah. Satan is always trying to harm your connection and belief in Allah, and this is the greatest loss and damage.”

Do not misuse the names of Allah
The Friday preacher of Zahedan continued: “Do not allow heresy and deviation in the names of Allah Almighty and do not misuse them; neither call anyone else by these names nor use them in magic and sorcery and in order to harm people.”
He clarified: “Using the attributes of Allah in magic and sorcery is ‘heresy and deviation’. Repeating the names of Allah on false deities and non-Allah is deviation. Naming the special names of Allah on a creature is wrong. Pronounce the names of Allah correctly and use them correctly. There is an effect in religion and in the names of Allah; on condition that you are on the path of moderation and that there is no distortion, extremism, or laxity in them.”

“Extremism and laxity in religion” is a deviation from the straight path and is detrimental to the individual and society
Mawlana Abdol Hamid continued his speech by saying: “Religion is very beautiful; do not make religion difficult for people. Extremism and harshness in religion and laxity in religion are both reprehensible and ugly. A religious person should not be caught in narrow-mindedness and mental rigidity, but should choose the same vastness, openness, tolerance, and moderate approach that is in religion.”
He added: “If a religious person falls into religious extremism, he has deviated from the straight path and this is harmful and damaging to both himself and society. Be careful to always be on the path of moderation and middle ground and the straight path. The straight path is the way of the Holy Prophet (peace be upon him and his family), the Companions, and the friends and guardians of Allah, which leads to happiness, paradise, and the pleasure of Allah.”
He continued: “Let us have tolerance and magnanimity. Let us emulate the tolerance, patience, and forbearance of Allah Almighty and try to have the same broad view for the creation of Allah. A religious person should be a source of mercy for God’s servants, not a source of torment.”


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