Iran’s Sunni leader:

Awakening of Iranian Nation, Beginning of Victory and Development

Awakening of Iranian Nation, Beginning of Victory and Development

One day before the anniversary of Mahsa Amini’s death and the following nationwide protests, the most influential Iranian Sunni leader said that the “long-standing ethnic and religious prejudices” had decreased in Iran, which is the “beginning of victory and development”.

He was talking to tens of thousands of worshippers before the Friday prayers on September 15, 2023.

The Iranian top Sunni leader went on to say: “Political and economic pressures have caused the Iranian nation to achieve this awakening. When nations wake up, this is the beginning of the victory and sign of development, and it brings a bright future. Unnecessary ethnic and religious and sectarian prejudices among the Iranian people, men and women, and different tendencies including ethnic and religious communities, have reduced; it is the sign of Iranian nation’s awakening.”
“Today, Iranians are not people of the past to hate each other, rather they are united and love and respect each other. Everyone respects each other’s language and dressing; this is a very big blessing. In the past, Iranians hated each other due to religious prejudices. Bigotry creates madness, and sometimes causes people to go to the hell. Today, Shia and Sunni community and all Muslims and non-Muslims defend each other’s rights. This is a very good happening,” said the Friday prayer leader of Sunnis in Zahedan.
He added: “If an extremist Sunni insults a Shia, Sunni citizens stop him, and if a Shia provokes sectarianism, the Shia community hates him. Today, ethnic and religious slogans have decreased in Iran; this indicates a bright future.”

Iranian nation is thirsty for justice, and sick of discrimination and inequality
The president of Darululoom Zahedan talked about justice, and urged on freedoms, saying: “Today, Iran is thirsty for justice. Iranians want justice and freedom inside and outside, and are tired of discrimination and inequality. The 1979 revolution was for justice and freedom. Iranians want legitimate, legal, and international freedoms. The Iranians including writers, journalists, and critics want freedom. People believe that their country should be governed based on meritocracy and merit. Capable and competent people who can achieve both God and people’s satisfaction should manage the country.”
“Many experts and elites have fled the country, many have settled at home, and weak people have replaced them. Incompetent officials have not been able to manage a big country like Iran. People complain that domestic and foreign policies are wrong, and say that these policies have been ineffective for 44 years. Today, the conditions of the world have changed, and they have been changing; we must move forward according to the conditions and needs of the time,” Mawlana Abdol-Hamid said.
The Friday Khateeb of Zahedan alluded to the economic problems, saying: “Economic problems are among the biggest crises in the country. Iran’s currency has become devalued, and people have no any hope to see any improvement in the value of the national currency. People believe that problems will decrease if domestic and foreign policies are correct.”

Justice and freedom guarantee security
If the death of Mahsa, the Bloody Friday and the victims of the recent protests were addressed, people would have been comforted

“After Mahsa Amini’s passing, if accused police officers were dealt with, people’s anger would decrease. People got upset and their emotions provoked when a woman, who did not wear full hijab, was detained and then her corpse was delivered to the family. Some protestors were shot, blinded, or amputated in peaceful protests and legal gatherings. Both Islam and international laws do not allow any police officer to target people with war bullets,” Shaikh Abdol-Hamid said
He further said: “Nowhere in the world, they kill their people or blind anyone, but they use water spray, tear gas and other tools to calm dawn demonstrators. Peaceful protest should not cause people to die or be persecuted.”
“Just as ordinary people are retaliated when they kill an officer, when a security man kills innocent people, he must be retaliated; this is justice and the demand of people. In the case of Zahedan’s Bloody Friday, those who committed murder or ordered their agents to open fire on people should have been retaliated. This is what the people want,” he added more.
The eminent Sunni scholar urged on the implementation of justice, and said: “People want justice and fairness. Justice, fairness, and freedom guarantee security. Let people write and criticize. Free all activists, including journalists and political prisoners. We say that if you rule justly for one year, it is better than ruling unjustly for a hundred years. If you rule for a hundred years, but do not implement justice and the nation is unhappy, such a government is invalid.”

Security officers should show tolerance in front of people’s protests and not hit people
“One of the [official] Friday imams had said: we will rule for thousands of years. I’d like to say that you stay ten thousand years, but do justice. Justice, equality, and fairness are vital for people. Police officers should not beat people during protests, but tolerate them,” he said.
The president of Darululoom Zahedan further addressed the officials: “As a well-wisher and as a compassionate, I would like to recommend that you submit to the will of the majority of people, and deal with the Iranian nation positively. The Iranian nation is one of the exceptional and best nations of the world. The authorities must pay special attentions to the people. We do not pursue any personal wishes, but the interest of the Iranian people of different backgrounds matters. We respect ethnic and religious communities. I would like to advise police officers not to hit people during peaceful protests, rather tolerate them because you are the children of the same nation. The nation is your benefactor. All officials in any level enjoy everything thanks to the nation.”
“Treat people like your parents, siblings, and children. Treat the prisoners well in prisoners. This is the order of Islam,” he urged.

Address the problems of the people of Bandar Kolahi and coastal areas
The most influential Iranian Sunni leader referred to the development plan of Makoran beach, saying: “The Makoran coast development plan may destroy many historical and ancestral villages of the local people. Big companies register and allot thousands of hectares in their name, and people who have endured poverty and left behind problems are expelled from their land. The border people have fought against the invaders and aggressors; their forefathers sacrificed their lives to defend this land; they should not be treated unjustly.”
Mawlana Abdol-Hamid concluded his speech, saying: “The people of Bandar Kolahi have been facing so many problems. In the recent incident, people’s boats were burnt and they endured so many troubles. The people are hungry, poor, and empty-handed. Compulsorily, some people merchandise fuel because of poverty and lack of jobs; otherwise, no one wants to risk his life. It is the right of the people to sympathize with them and treat them well.”
“We hope that the authorities will solve the problems of the people of Bandar Kolahi and other coastal areas. People will protest if their rights are lost,” he added.


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