A Memory of the First Baloch Sunni Representative of Zahedan in the Parliament

A Memory of the First Baloch Sunni Representative of Zahedan in the Parliament

Haj Madad Azarkish was the first Baloch and Sunni representative of the people of Zahedan in the Islamic Consultative Assembly of Iran. The news of his death impressed me and made me worried and sad, but I am thankful to Almighty Allah that I was able to pray for the forgiveness of the late.
The late Azarkish was elected as a representative of the people of Zahedan in the fourth term of the parliamentary elections in 1992. Before that, the Baloch people and the Sunnis of Zahedan – despite being in majority – did not have any representative in the parliament. At that time, the situation was such that people did not think that Sunnis could be elected as members of parliament from Zahedan.
After the announcement of the late Azarkish’s candidacy and with the support and proper planning of scholars, elites and masses, this spell was broken and Azarkish won the elections and became the representative of the people of Zahedan in the Islamic Consultative Assembly.
Haj Azarkish was humble and active in his services. He was in contact with Shaikh Abdol-Hamid, the most influential Iranian Sunni leader. When Azarkish was the representative of the people of Zahedan, Mashhad’s Shaikh Fayz Grand Mosque was destroyed; this was one of the bitter events for Azarkish.
Following that event, bitter events happened to the Grand Makki Mosque of Zahedan. As a representative of the people, such incidents were great tests for the deceased.
After the incident of the Shaikh Fayz mosque, the people of Zahedan gathered in the Grand Makki mosque of Zahedan; unfortunately, the protest led to shooting in the mosque, some people were martyred and some others arrested in the incident.
After the accident of the Grand Makki Mosque of Zahedan, the late Azarkish played a vital role and was a bridge between people, scholars, and government officials. He was the people’s representative in the parliament and had an official position; he was trying to resolve the issue as he could.
After the conflict in Makki mosque, some clerics of Zahedan were imprisoned; I myself was among those prisoners. I remember the late Azarkish visited me in Vakil Abad prison in Mashhad when I had a severe heart disease and then I was admitted to hospital. When he saw my condition, he went directly from the hospital to the Special Court for Clerics in Mashhad to talk to the prosecutor about my sick leave. When Haj Azarkish came back from the prosecutor’s office, he told me that he went to the prosecutor and told him: “This Shaikh is sick and needs urgent treatment. Let us do something for him. If you do not do this and something bad happens to this cleric, another incident will occur like the event of Shaikh Fayz Mosque. People will say that they martyred him in prison.”
Haj Madad Azarkish’s relentless efforts were fruitful and caused solving the problem; they took me to Tehran for treatment and after two to three months, I was released.
In Tehran, we were guests of Azarkish. Due to bad weather conditions, flights were off those days; therefore, we had to stay at his house for three days. During these three days, what impressed me was the simple and clean life of the late Azarkish.
Usually, MPs spend their lives in prosperity, but I felt he never tried to use his position to achieve a prosperous life.
One day it was rainy and Azarkish gave us a very simple food. Some other MPs were mentioned at that gathering; someone said that one of the representatives had spread a colorful table and had prepared various dishes for his guests. The late Azarkish laughed and said: “Where are we and where are they! The remaining food of their table is enough for us.”
Azarkish was the representative of Zahedan in the parliament for only one term; after him, other people from this city entered the parliament.
On the occasion of late Azarkish’s passing, I would like to remind my people a few points:
Unfortunately, in our society, usually when experienced figures get a position and serve the community, after a while they are forgotten and their experiences are not used in other fields. While when we cost for experienced people, we should use their experience. The next representatives, and those who get positions, should use the experience of their predecessors.
In order to have a developed and advanced society, the predecessors should cooperate with the next generations, share their experiences with them, guide, and inspire them. Our veterans should not be forgotten and their experiences must be used. With the proper and correct planning, we can achieve our goal in the years ahead. If we do not do this, our great people will be forgotten, and after years, many people of the next generations will be unaware that this person (Azarkish) represented them for four years. The experience, capacity, thoughts, ideas and advice of such personalities must be taken into consideration.
Unfortunately, one of the children of the late Haj Madad Azarkish died few days ago. After that, he himself passed away; nowadays, his family and survivors are in a severe situation.
We have already prayed for the late Haj Madad Azarkish and we will continue to pray for him. I ask Allah Almighty for complete forgiveness for him, reward, and patience for his survivors and children.
I hope that the memory of this great personality will always be remained. No one is free of weaknesses and faults; we all have faults. May Allah Almighty forgive him and forgive all of us for our shortcomings and mistakes.


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