Role of Study in Life

Role of Study in Life

Continuous study is like gentle and continuous rain that refreshes the mind and grows the seeds of hope in life; it makes a person flourish and happy. The seedling gives leaves and fruits in the shade of study.
Studying is a launching pad towards the heights of perfection and eternal values.
Study grows the thought, enriches personality and enlightens the mind in the light of the thoughts of great personages, intellectuals and thinkers.
Study gives a person innovative thought. In the shadow of study, the works and writings of intellectuals become alive and immortal.
Just as eating strengthens the body, reading useful books strengthens the soul, intellect and thought. Persistent study feeds the soul; if the soul is not nourished, mankind loses morals and spirituality and it becomes difficult for him\her to distinguish the good from the evil.
As eating doesn’t have days off, studying shouldn’t have days off either.
The reader’s thought grows and develops through studying the books of great characters.
Enthusiasm for reading makes a person responsible to the task and causes sleeplessness and restlessness. Therefore, wise people always carry books with them and refresh their souls with studying at every possible opportunity.
With the glazer of study, the rust of ignorance and neglect from the souls and minds is removed.
Studying is the prescription and reason of health and happiness of the great personalities. Just as we rely on prescriptions of experts and experienced doctors when we are sick, we should also refer to the teachings of Islamic scholars to get rid of mental and spiritual illnesses.
We should study the works and writings of scientists and elites to improve our knowledge and find the right path.
Through study, we can find kinder, nobler and more fruitful friends to benefit from their knowledge and refresh our minds.
By studying the sayings of great characters such as Hassan Basri, Omar bin Abdul-Aziz, Imam Abu Hanifah, Imam Malik, Imam Shafi’i, Imam Ahmad and etc., we can obtain the products of their knowledge and spirituality.
Those who study with proper planning are more successful than those who devote their time only to work and do not study.
As reading spiritual and intellectual books cultivates the thought, it also increases spirituality, knowledge, and information.
Useful and strong study creates economic prosperity and enlightens the mind. Brian Tracy says: If you study for an hour a day and read a book a week, in three years, you will become proficient in your field; within five years, you get a top position in your country and after seven years, you become a popular and even a global figure.


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