Exams, Golden Chances for Growth in knowledge & Getting Pleasure of Allah

Exams, Golden Chances for Growth in knowledge & Getting Pleasure of Allah

Exam is a good chance for students to make up what they lost and get what they need. It is clear that almost all students crave to get the top position and the highest marks and no one likes to remain behind or fail. For reaching to this purpose, the period of exams is one of the best tools.
When the result of exams gets important and students know that they have a limited time, they will do their best to gain the most extent of benefit and not waste minutes of their times. It is not possible for students to gain the most use from their time unless they set aside more time, leave aside distractions and restrict themselves to books.
It is a fact that in everyday life, it is difficult to avoid the means of distraction and give all attention to studying, but when the person sees himself in a competition and in short of time, then, focusing on lessons will be easier. He can study by more concentration.
Moreover, at the time of exams, all lessons delivered in many distanced sessions, are being revised continually in one day. It helps in well-concentration and makes the understanding of the book easier and the memorizing of the concepts faster. In many cases, students may understand easily and well many subjects they could not get them after a long effort during the academic year.
Alongside influences the exams have in preparing students for knowledge, they are the best means for attracting the closeness of God, too. Exams accompany a plenty of anxieties, pressures, headaches, awakes and toils. Going under these kinds of difficulties for Allah is beloved to Him. In result, Allah sends down His special mercies on students and makes the way to Jannah easy for them. That’s why some scholars have called these days as “the Days blessed by God”.
In days of exams students feel the signs of these mercies in different ways; Allah gives them more Tawfiq and opportunity in making Du’a, bearing hardships of studying and getting engaged in learning which is one of the most useful worships. Allah gives students more ability in understanding and easy memorizing, too. These are some examples of His special mercy on students.
So, it is worthy for students to know the value of these times and try more to be skilled in knowledge and near to God.


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