Has the Article 12 been Fully Implemented?

Has the Article 12 been Fully Implemented?

To ensure due rights of all citizens, each country has enacted laws and regulations to stabilize and organize the affairs.
The constitution is a covenant of loyalty to national aspirations; this is when the legislators are fair and just, because human’s thought is not perfect and what human beings enact is changeable and flexible, except the Holy Quran that sets the complete laws according the demands of human beings.
In fact, the Iranian constitution has flaws and weaknesses. Revision of the constitution in the past showed that change is possible. Ayatollah Khomeini had said: “How can our ancestors make laws for the next generations?
Regardless of making the law, what matters is the implementation of the law. Some articles of the constitution have not been implemented for years and the authorities have not been able to use them.
Although there are civil rights according to the Article 12 of the Constitution, rather in practice, this clause is not fully implemented due to barriers and religious obstacles, while according to the constitution the rights of individuals should be persevered.
The article 12 of the constitution respects religious liberties of the Islamic sects; according to this article, where the followers of these sects are in the majority, laws should be implemented according to their jurisprudence. Considering this clause, some questions arise;
Have these sects ever been respected, especially in Kurdistan?
Are Sunni Kurdish scholars independent?
Are the Friday Imams appointed by Kurdish scholars?
Are the city councils allowed to enforce religious laws?
Unfortunately, mosques and public places are not allowed to be named in the name of the Companions.
Had the Kurdistan Radio have a special program on the martyrdom anniversary of the Caliph Omar Ibn Khattab?
In order to grant the civil rights of the people of Kurdistan, a specialized committee must be formed to implement the 12th Article of the constitution; this is the demand of the people of Kurdistan.
The implementation of the constitutional laws is not only a national demand, rather it is the duty of the executors and officials who should strive to implement it as a duty and commitment. We hope that the current Article will be implemented and the constitutional laws will be amended so that the new generation and all Iranians are satisfied.
*The writer is ex-member of the Iranian national parliament and professor at Tehran University


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