Iranian Sunni Ulama Decry Mawlana Adil Khan’s Assassination

Iranian Sunni Ulama Decry Mawlana Adil Khan’s Assassination

Alluding to the martyrdom of Mawlana Mohammad Adil Khan, a prominent Pakistani scholar and president of Jamia Farooqia Karachi, Sunni scholars in Iran denounced his assassination urging on identifying and trying the terrorists.
Mawlana Abdol-Hamid, the most influential Iranian Sunni leader issued a statement and said: “This cowardly attack that was planned by the enemies is strongly condemned”.
“I hope that the Pakistani authorities will take serious measures to protect the lives of their valuable scholars and they will not let the hidden hands of enemies to sabotage security of their country more,” president of Darululoom Zahedan emphasized.
Teachers of Darululoom Zahedan also condemned the attack in their weekly meeting.
Chairing the meeting, Mufti Mohammad Qasem Qasemi expressed his regret over the assassination of Shaikh Mohammad Adil Khan, the elder son of Shaikh Saleemullah Khan, and described the incident as a painful event.
He said: “I hope that the murderers of this prominent Islamic figure will be identified and punished.”
Pointing out to the reaction of Mufti Mohammad Taqi Usmani, vice-president of Darululoom Karachi, to this incident, Mufti Qasemi stated: “Mawlana Dr. Adil Khan was working hard to defend Sahabah and boost national unity in Pakistan. He was an innovative, vigilant and active figure.”
The senior teacher of Fiqh and Hadith of Darululoom Zahedan expressed his hope that Pakistani scholars and thinkers will identify the root causes of such incidents and uprooting them.
The teachers of Darululoom Zahedan expressed their condolences to the family of the late and they prayed to Allah to save the Ummah from such losses.
Mawlana Muhammad Hussein Gorgij (president of Darululoom Farooqia Galikash in the north of Iran), Mawlana Abd-ur-Rahman Chabahari (president of Jamiat-ul-Haramayn Chabahar) and many other Sunni scholars issued separate statements and condemned the incident.


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