Status of Sunnah in the Qur’an & Islamic Law

Status of Sunnah in the Qur’an & Islamic Law

The prophet Mohammad, peace & blessings be upon him, has enjoined us to imitate his sacred Sunnah and the way of his Guided Caliphs. He said that hold fast to my Sunnah and the examples of the Rightly- Guided Caliphs who will come after me. Adhere to them and hold to it fast. Beware of new things (in Deen) because every Bid’ah is a misguidance.
Sunnah is important because it is the second source of Islamic law after the Noble Qur’an. Due to its high status and great importance, the Companions, may Allah be pleased with them, paid an especial attention to Sunnah after their attention to the Noble Qur’an. So they received it, then memorized and acted upon it and preached and propagated it, too. They have heard the great saying of the prophet when he said: “May Allah brighten a man who hears a tradition from us, gets it by heart and passes it on to others. Many a bearer of knowledge conveys it to one who is more versed than he is; and many a bearer of knowledge is not versed in it.”
Sahabah knew well that imitation of the prophet PBUH is a certain duty. Therefore, they used to do what he did and avoid from what he did not do. They respected them very well and acted before him politely. The more they grew in recognition and rank, the more they showed respect and honor and good manners. They were following his footprints without asking about the rationale behind any order. They memorized and recorded whatever they heard and saw; they never objected him to deny any prophetic order. It was unimaginable for them to confront any order of the prophet; because the love of the truth and owner of it was rooted in the cells of their hearts. They spent their whole life in recording and registering the words, acts and habits of the prophet, peace be upon as they had realized the sensitivity of the issue.
We have to focus on this fact that the prophet PBUH was a real example for the Companions and they have realized the legitimacy of his acts and doings well. They submitted before his orders fully and learnt his Sunnah eagerly.
This is the position of the honorable prophet who was beloved by hearts before eyes. He was the felicity of the world and beauty of the existence.
After the Companions, their followers and other predecessors also gave importance to Sunnah and imitated it with full zeal and enthusiasm. So that’s why they traveled to far cities and town passing from rivers and mountains to study his Hadiths and act upon them and also teach them others. There are numerous stories of the predecessors and their trips for learning Hadiths.

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