Ten Days in Australia

Ten Days in Australia

Ten days long journey in Australia passed in a flash. The hosts complained that the duration of the trip is short; I also felt these few days were less. But in this short period I could study the conditions and circumstances of Muslims well. The Muslims of Australia welcomed me in such a great way with hospitality and kindness which cannot be forgotten. They struggle to protect their religious identity in unsuitable conditions. Some of them drove hundreds of kilometer to take part in my sermons; it proves how much they love to get Islamic knowledge. They used to listen to my speeches very enthusiastically and they also took the audio files. They used to present their questions after each sermon; they follow the issues subtly with full attention that I have not seen in my own country, Pakistan.
The Muslims of Australia have founded a national group by the name of the Australian Federation of Islamic Councils (AFIC). It is joyous that this federation provides its services without discrimination of language and sect. All Muslims from different schools of thought are united to resolve social issues coherently. This federation has founded many educational and public welfare institutes across the country and provides lots of services.
Masha-Allah the activities of the Movement of Tablighi Jamaa’t are very obvious in the world and in Australia also the consequences of its activities can be seen everywhere. Apart from Australia, Tablighi Jamaa’t has preached Islam in surrounding isles where hardly a Muslim can be found. In fact, Islamic College of Melbourne that is one of the reputable educational institutes is the fruit of the activities of Tablighi Jamaa’t.
However, the Muslims in Australia, like Muslims in many other countries, suffer from some problems. Their main anxiety is about the education and edification of their children. When children study in government and public educational institutions, surely they will be impressed by the common atmosphere. If parents do not plan for their children privately, their faith and moral will be damaged. Negligence of parents about the religious upbringing of children even may end to lose them and they may go out of the circle of Islam. Especially guarding and edification of daughters is very important; there were some incidents that Muslim women married non-Muslims and parents kept watching them. The only solution is that Muslims should establish private educational institutes making Islamic learning atmosphere for their children. I urge on Islamic education in all of such countries and term it the subject of Muslims’ destination. All praise is due to Allah in many countries Muslims give importance to education and learning Islam. It looks that the Muslims of Australia have more anxieties and sensitivity in this regard. Praise be to Allah that economic condition of Muslims in Australia is good. That’s why probably they prefer Australia to their homelands to live over there. But I admonished them that our own countries and motherlands –despite all weaknesses and problems, are our homelands. In the countries of others people are considered as the second-grade citizens and they may get wealth and assets, but the calmness and heartfelt comfort in an intimate and familiar environment of our own countries hardly can be found in other places.


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