An Interesting Talk with Ml. Mohammad Hassan BarfiAn Interesting Talk with Ml. Mohammad Hassan Barfi

An Interesting Talk with Ml. Mohammad Hassan BarfiAn Interesting Talk with Ml. Mohammad Hassan Barfi

Mawlana Mohammad Hassan Barfi, Friday Imam and rector of the Islamic seminary in Tabas-Masinâ, is one of the old-line and reputable Ūlamâ/Islamic scholars in the province of South Khorâsân. A personality who succeeded to benefit from great scholars such as Allâmah Mohammad Yousūf Banuri, Mawlana Mufti Mahmoud, Mawlana Mousa Khân Bâzi, Mawlana Mufti Rasheed Ahmad Lūdhyânwi, Mawlana Darkhwâsti and Mawlana Ghūlamūllah Khân, may Allâh put mercy on all of them; it is a brilliant point in the record of his student life.In our talk with Mawlana Barfi, first of all we asked him about the motivations of his educational migration to Pakistan and he responded patiently. He said encouragement of late Hâj Ismâ’eel Kâzemi (Bojdi) prepared him for travelling to Pakistan and getting further education over there. He illustrated the difficulties of his travels in Pakistan in a Persian poem: Whatever happened with us, has gone/ whether in desert, or mountains or plainsMawlana Mohammad Hassan studied one complete year in Jâmia Ūloom-e-Islamia Banuri Town in Karachi and benefited from late Mawlana Mohammad Yousūf Banuri. In the next year, he prefers to leave Karachi to Multan to study in Qâsim-ūl-Ūloom Seminary. Studying in Multan should be known a turning point in his educational life. Because, during that period he could benefit from some great Ūlamâ, such as Mawlana Mufti Mahmoud and Mawlana Mousa Khan Bazi. As well as he stood on the third position across Pakistan in the final exams of Wifâqūl-Madâris /the biggest coordinating board of Islamic seminaries in Pakistan when he was studying in Multan. Besides, he met with Mawlana Ahmad Ali Lahori and Mawlana Atâūllâh Shâh Būkhari during his stay in Multan. He says: “As the main office of Wifâqūl-Madâris is located in Multan, the top Islamic scholars of Pakistan of that time used to visit Qâsim-ūl-Ūloom. I was serving them like a servitor. I met late Mawlana Ahmad Ali Lahori at Qâsim-ūl-Ūloom. He presented the exegesis of the chapter Fatiha of the Noble Qūr’ân. I succeeded to meet Mawlana Atâūllâh Shâh Būkhari at a hospital in Multan. It was a great prosperity for me. After his demise, I could take part in his huge and crowded funeral ceremony, too.”Besides, Mawlana Mohammad Hassan Barfi was the student of Mawlana Abdullah Darkhwâsti and Mawlana Ghūlamūllah Khân in Tafseer classes. He narrates his story: “Once I travelled to Khânpur to attend the Tafseer course of the great memorizer of the Qūr’ân & Hadith, Mawlana Abdūllâh Darkhwâsti. As well as, I succeeded to write down the Qūr’ânic points and glossaries based on the teaching method of Allâmah Shâh Waliūllah Dehlawi. In another time, I went to Rawalpindi and took part in the Tafseer course of Mawlana Ghūlamūllah Khân. On that time the famous Tafseer of Jawâhir-ūl- Qūr’ân was not published so.”Thanks to kindness and attention of Shaikh Barfi, our talk with him became lengthy with talking on different areas. Apart from discussing about his student life in Pakistan and benefiting from Ūlamâ who he is proud to be their student, he told us about the past and present of the Sunni-populated areas in South Khorasan province or “Sunni-Khâna Plain” as the elder people say. He also talked about his relations and memories with great scholars and Ūlamâ including Mawlana Abdol-Aziz Mollâzâdeh and Mawlana Abdol-Aziz Allâhyâri, may Allâh have mercy on them.


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