Advice of a Baloch Old Man to his Son

Advice of a Baloch Old Man to his Son

Allameh Iqbal is one of the most influential and vigilant figures in the contemporary era; a character whose words and comprehensive opinions have crossed geographic borders and sat on the hearts.
In his poems, Iqbal peruses problems and difficulties of Muslims. He presents practicable and valuable solutions with great thoughts, and wakeful and wholeheartedly words. He has expressed his productive advice and valuable solutions indirectly in the words of individuals and different personalities; this method of upbringing is much more effective than direct method.
The poetry book of Allameh Iqbal in Urdu and in the collection of “Armâghan-e-Hijâz”, gift from Hijâz, is his last work that contains last messages of Allameh Iqbal. In a poem titled “advice of an old Baloch man to his son”, he presents basic and valuable advice for the progress and survival of any individual, community and nation.
On the advice of the wise old man, seven principles can be derived which are the cornerstones for successfulness and prosperity of any individual, sect and nation in the both worlds.
First principle: recognize the worth of your soil;
Second principle: be energetic and diligent;
Third principle: have endeavor and zeal;
Fourth principle: get knowledge and skills;
Fifth principle: the fate of any nation is in its hands;
Sixth principle: reaching to sublimity and eminence depends on affronting difficulties;
Seventh principle: reliance, intercession and assiduity.


Ameer Hejâzi

Neday Islam magazine 63-64


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