‘We must Proceed beyond the Conferences’

‘We must Proceed beyond the Conferences’

Note: Mawlana Habiburrahman Motahhari is a familiar figure for people in Khorasan and even for neighbor provinces and regions of Iran. He is a well-known and influential scholar that has abundant popularity among various classes of people in Khorasan Razavi province. Shaikh Motahhari is the rector of Ahnaaf seminary in Khaaf which is one of the biggest and most active Sunni seminaries in the province. He possesses a lenient heart as well as he believes in solidarity of Shiites and Sunnis. This has made him reliable and trustworthy for all classes in that area. In an exclusive interview of “SunniOnline”, the official website of the Sunni Community in Iran, with Mawlana Motahhari the different matters related to unity of Muslims and the problems of Sunnis in Khorasan have been discussed. Here are the main points he shared with our visitors and readers:

• There are many obstacles for the unity of Ummah. One of these cases is the lack of proper understanding of rights and demands of each other.
• “Discriminations” and failure to respect the rights of each other is the second main obstacle before the unity of Muslims as some officials impose their tastes and weaken unity. That’s why people say there are only slogans on unity; if there really is an intention for unity, why the equality is not applied? As the founder of the Revolution said Sunnis are our brothers and they are equal in rights. Hence, suspicions appear about the efforts for calling on unity and approximation of Muslim sects. Because there is not harmony between words and actions.
• The other obstacle to unity is irreverence to each other’s sacred and holy figures; if we maintain the respect of sanctities and emphasize upon common tenets at the same time, unity certainly would be achieved.
• Putting the libel and defamation to each other also prevents the unity. These libels rooted in false or weak narrations, even some of them inaccurately are related to some books.
• If Muslims have sincerity to each other, avoid telling lie to each other, observe the respect of the sanctities and there is no discrimination between Shia and Sunni citizens in employments, then unity will be achieved. Now, even the influential youth of Sunnis who are looking up to find any job, face problems during interviews in employing process.
• High officials such as ministers and at the top of them the Supreme Leader of Iran should command in a state decree to eliminate such discriminations and the rights of individuals be respected. There must be freedom in religious affairs and the citizenship rights should not be violated. There must be more efforts and these efforts must be continued.
• Sunnis of Iran sincerely voted to every president claimed to fulfill their rights. As in the past Mr. Khatami and now President Rouhani got the major votes of Sunnis. The truth is that the promises of the ongoing president have not been carried out yet as he had promised. There have been a little change; for example, we have heard that some positive developments have been taken place in employing of Sunnis in some offices.
• However, we have attempted in this regard [elimination of discrimination] and we have written some letters as well as we are following the case yet. We are waiting to see how they may act and give attention to our letters.
• There is a good unity In Khorasan especially in Khorasan Razavi where we live. People and scholars have a good unity in cities like Taaybad, Torbat-e-jaam and Khaaf; they are together. The big problem is in recruitments and employments.
• There is no any major cultural problem in Khaaf. It is possible that there be some problems for holding programs in mosques and building new mosques in some places around the city. It may take one or two years to get permission for building a Masjid.
• Iranian Sunnis should be linked together and the authorities should give this right to Sunni scholars and intellectuals permitting them to have some organizations; they can have meetings and even an independent party if want. At least, they shouldn’t have any problem for communication and visiting each other. If it happens, the problems will be solved better. Some scholars such as Mawlana Abdul-Hamid, the rector of Darululoom Zahedan, should move forward in this regard; Allah has given him spiritual position as well as popularity and status among people in the global level.
• May Allah reward you success. “SunniOnline” has good activities in the cultural field. I hope that Allah may increase His blessings and supports upon you.


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