Worship Makes Life Valuable

Worship Makes Life Valuable

The perfect religion of Islam has made humankind a worthful creature; thus it has particular projects to purify humankind’s souls.

Islām wants people to get rid of self-love and egotism heading them towards bright horizons of spirituality and theism. By concentrating on those divine plans, mankind can attain prosperity and highest everlasting values. Islām has put various sorts of ritual worships obligatory to make human beings’ lives clean, to make them close to Allāh the Almighty, to create a firm connection between God and His servants, to make people remembering Him all the time, and to furbish hearts making them full of love and light of insight.
By the Islamic rituals, hearts and body parts will be polished; verdigris of sins, negligence and love of the worldly tools would be removed. In fact, worship is the path of disposing of the bondage of body and ego entering in slavery of the Most Merciful and Kind. It is the way to get rid of ‘virtual loves’ gaining the ‘real love’.
Worship is the inseparable part of a Muslim’s routine life; it has a very organized and productive process that awakens people whenever they are submerged in the uproar of work and life. Worship warns such people calling them on to Allāh rinsing and freshening their soul and body. So, lucky Muslims take the sober path of worshipping on the road of sobriety and justice in the light of Islamic directions.
On the other side, worship plays an important role in building a strong dam to resist satanic temptations strengthening Islamic tenets of a Muslim. According to the noble Qur’an and Hadith, worship is one of the basic principles of Islām. A Muslim must have good connection with worship to approximate to his/her creator faster; it is the way that leads to eternal prosperity.
Due to negligence in the field of worship, in most of Muslim and non-Muslim societies people suffer from different kinds of growing problems. None of regulations and security forces can halter the crises of injustice, abnormalities and corruption as it is needed. Therefore, people face various and increasing problems in societies which do not pay any attention to divine rules and worship, instead people turn to human-organized rules and regulations. Such laws only intensify the situation depriving people from peace and calmness.
Offering prayers, Salāh, is one of the most important worships; it makes mankind beloved and close to Allāh the Almighty. Apart from this unique feature, it makes human beings prosperous in the both worlds. It can be said doubtlessly, if offering prayers does not have any other specialty but ‘approximating of Allāh’, it is enough for Muslims. So any sane person can acknowledge the great status and value of prayers.
Besides, it is one of the traits of ‘Salāh’ that connects mankind to Allāh directly. People can talk with God by prayers; this is the only way to be companion of the creator of the whole universe. A good Muslim should take the advantages of this opportunity well; s/he must confabulate with Allāh Exalted sharing his/her wishes, needs and demands with Him via prayers. That is why, worship make human life valuable.

By Abdul-Lateef Nārui
First published in “Neday-e-Islam” magazine, Issue 55-56



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