Biography of Abdul-Rahman bin A’wf

Biography of Abdul-Rahman bin A’wf

Every companion of the holy Prophet Muhammad, peace & blessings be upon him, has been a shining star for those looking for right direction, in a way that by following any of them one could achieve eternal success.

No doubt one of these stars has been Abdul-Rahman bin A’wf. His name before Islam was Abdul-Ka’bah and according to some reports was Abd-A’mr; and the Prophet renamed him as Abdul-Rahman.  His father’s name was A’wf and his mother name was Safiah or Shafa according to some reports.
Abdul-Rahman was born 10 years before the Elephant Incident Year. He is counted among the first Muslims who embraced Islam by invitation of Abu-Bakr.  
Abdul-Rahman like the holy Prophet (PBUH) and other companions in Mecca suffered from torture and abuse, but remained steadfast on his faith. Then, he migrated to Ethiopia, and later to Medina. He accompanied the prophet in all wars.
Allamah Zahabi enumerates the characteristics of Abdul Rahman as follows: he was one of the ten persons who were promised heaven; he was member of the council made to choose the third caliph; he was among the first eight Muslims; and the holy Prophet (PBUH) performed prayer after him.
Hadhrat Anas says: Abdul Rahman became wealthy in way that once his business caravan which arrived to medina comprised of 700 camels carrying flour and wheat. When Sayyidah Ayisha got the news, she said: “I heard from the holy Prophet (PBUH) saying: “Abdul Rahman will arrive to heaven with difficulty”’. Once Abdul Rahman heard it, he said: “Mother! Be the witness that I am donating all those camels along with their carriage for the sake of Allah.”
Abdul-Rahman would issue decrees during the life of the holy Prophet (PBUH), and had a high scholastic status near all quadruple caliphs and other companions; and many of them would refer to him to address their uncertainties. During the first caliph he was among the seven people whom the caliph would consult with. During the second caliph he was a reputable advisor to the former. He played a leading role in securing the confidence of Muslims for the selection of the third caliph.
This great figure was died in 32 of Hijra at the age of 75. According to his will, his funeral prayer was led by the third Caliph, and his body was laid to final rest at Baqee Cemetery.

By: Abdul-Rahim Safar-zai


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