A Study on Jama’at-e-Tabligh Movement

A Study on Jama’at-e-Tabligh Movement

In the third decade of 14th century (Hijra), third decade of 20th century, the Tabligh Movement was initiated by Maulana Muhammad Ilyas son of Maulana Muhammad Isma’eel Kandehlavi. Allah Almighty guided him in a way that he became successful to engage many people in remembering Allah and preventing many others from conducting evil things, thus direct them toward following the instructions of Allah.
One of his training programs was the practice of six words (Tawhid, Salah, knowledge, Zikr, respecting fellow Muslim, good intention, Dawah).
I have observed the activities of this movement in different parts of the world ranging from Africa to Americana, Europe and Asia.
Some features of Tabligh activists are as follows:
1- Punctuality and concentration in performing prayers.
2- Promoting Islamic features such as hijab for women, growing beard for men etc.
3- Avoiding heresy in statements, practice and belief.
4- Preparedness for acceptance of Dawah and following the Qur’an and the Sunnah.
In Europe, the impact of Tabligh is praiseworthy, because Islam has left deep influence on masses. So many mosques have been built, Islamic symbols are growing, and thousands of Christens have embraced Islam.  For many decades Muslim were not able to expose their Muslim-hood over there; on the other hand, some Muslims in Europe had given up their Islamic practices, and were intimating others in their life style and behaviors till Allah sent this movement over there.   
In the Indian subcontinent, the impact of this movement is not less than elsewhere. Many Muslim were alienated to the right instructions of Islam, being engulfed in heresy and superstitions. They all returned back to the bosom of true Islam.  The extraordinary large gatherings of Tabligh activists are best examples in this regard, and their planning and discipline are amazing. From there, their delegations are being dispatched throughout the world to convey the message of Islam. They go there to summon the mankind toward Islam by both their words and practices.
The influence of Tabligh in the Arab world is also apparent. So many people have been brought into the right track of Islam. I don’t think that their contribution is unknown to the leaders and reformers of this region.

By Shaikh Abubakr Jaber Al-Jazayeri
The writer is lecturer of Nabawi Mosque and Islamic University of Medina
Translation and excerption into Persian by: Abdul-Qader Dehqan


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