Sanctity of the Man & the Prohibition of Killing

Sanctity of the Man & the Prohibition of Killing

No doubt that human being is the masterpiece of the unparallel skill of the God almighty. He has created all creatures to be in service of the man and different universal phenomenons were made in his favor which shows his importance.

The appointment of prophets to lead the man is also another reason for his significance for the God almighty. That is why, no one is allowed to make any assault against any member of human society unless it is permitted by the Almighty; because He does not like His creation to be insulted by any one else.

Allah Almighty has equaled the innocent killing of a single person with killing of all men and women in the world; and has also announced harsh punishment for killers of innocent people and assaulters to their lives and properties. The Almighty in verse number 93 of Surah Nesa (women) has introduced five categories of punishment for killers:

1- the Hill;
2- Eternal remaining at the hill;
3- Anger of the Almighty;
4- Curse and execration of the Almighty;
5- Grand punishment.

Unfortunately, some people commit murdering of innocents for the sake of their tribe(s) or parties and kill people over minor and non-important issues. Killing and assassination of political or ideological rivals has become common feature of their lives, and some of them do it just to make their masters happy or to prevent disclosing their dark past. But all these are vain efforts as history and human experience both show that such people have paid for their misdeeds although they might have been able to conceal their wrongdoings for a limited time and sing and dance upon the bones and corpses of their defeated rivals; and no doubt punishment for them in the second world would be much harsher and more dangerous than what they may imagine.

Our holy Prophet (PBUH) has prohibited us from killing of non –Muslims living in the Islamic lands. Unfortunately some people think that the killing of a non-Muslim at any condition is beneficial for them in terms of rewards by the Almighty whereas it is totally wrong. Beside that fact that their killing is a big crime, these acts would represent a bad face of Islam, thus will affect the social status of Muslims in the non-Muslim world, and consequently disturb the propagation and extension of Islam. Therefore, any assault against these people either in the shape of kidnapping, killing or prosecuting is forbidden in Islam. However, if they commit any crime, they would be trialed according to the laws of the concerned countries but no one has the rights to willfully disturb their security.

Mufti Muhammad Qasem Bani Kamal (Qasemi (


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