The growth or destruction of wisdom

The growth or destruction of wisdom
growthExpression of beliefs and declarations of philosophers in relation to origin, resurrection, revelation, prophecy etc. has old standing. It has shown off with especial literature and purpose, and with apparent and hidden supports and motivation, and has busied the mind of many people throughout history.

At present age, these views are occasionally being discussed in electronic and print-media in Eastern and Western countries, and therefore, they need to be enlightened and doubt-freed.
As introduction, it must be said that the mission of the holy Prophets has been to introduce the true religion in order to guide the man to its best vision and lead him to realize the inner peace, justice and social security.
On the basis of Quranic teachings, the Sunnah and universal laws, the man has the right to freely choose his religion and life style. He can opt for monotheism and polytheism; faith or infidelity; and accepting or denying the truth.  
The founders and heralds of both options (monotheism & polytheism) have provided their followers with regulations, strategies and programs; so that, the human history is full of intellectual, cultural and social disputes between these school of thoughts. It is true that the man, as human reserves the right to choose from different options but the battle between polytheism and monotheism has been existing since the very beginning and will continue to exist in the future.
One of the oldest and eventful squares has been the battle square between “revelationism and textualization” from one side, and “rationalist and philosophers” from other side. It has been existing in all centuries in different forms and has caused certain cultural, social and political implications.
A great number of wise people believe that the claims and assertions of philosophers such as Plato, Aristotle, Farabi, Ebn Sina, Hegel, Feuerbach… and their imitators have been avoid of wise bases, and consequently have led to the confusion of their adherents.   
One of the contemporary philosophers says: “The project of rationality is itself irrational”. It means that when you decide to be rational and trust your wisdom, this decision has not been made on the bases of rationality, and if it be as so, it comes around necessarily.
With all respects to the services and experimental knowledge of philosophers, I believe that many of them due to their alienation with the revelation and faultless words of the Almighty or defeat from biased rationality, internal inclination or vested interest have become the victims of hidden or apparent causes and objectives.
Although, many of imitators have fallen into steep decline due to their egoist and selfish nature, there is hope that a time will come when they return to themselves and start thinking to reconstruct of their belief system.     

By: Abdul Aziz Salimi


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