The Ex-Mufti of Darululoom Zahedan Late Mufti Khoda Nazar

The Ex-Mufti of Darululoom Zahedan Late Mufti Khoda Nazar
mufti-khodanazarBirth of respected Mufti Khuda Nazar (late): He was born in 1342 H.Q (1923) in an educated, religious and a very simple family in a village which is located in Zabul (the adjoining area of Sistan and Balochistan).

Parents named him “khuda nazar” which means Allah almighty blessed him by gifting him this child with out any application. At that time no one could imagine that this kid will be a great person in his future, as a huge number of students belonging to far and close area came to him in order to seek Islamic knowledge, thus in a large number Islamic knowledge lovers gathered around him, enlightened their minds and hearts and polished their abilities.

Travels for seeking knowledge:

Respected Mufti Khuda Nazar (late) got his basic knowledge in Nimroz area (the southern part of Afghanistan where different Baloch tribes live), but he realized that he must travel, in order to get more and more knowledge, therefore he traveled to Quetta, Sibi and Mastong (the famous cities of Balochistan, Pakistan), thus he kept traveling towards greater Islamic scholars, like: respected Sheikh up Hades Mohammad Idrees Kandehlawi and Sheikh ul Hadees Maulana Mohammad Yousuf Binnori (may Allah bless them and place them in Firdaws paradise); certainly at that time they were distinguished personalities.
After separation of India & Pakistan they migrated from India to Pakistan. He stayed with them for some years and worked hard for gaining precious Islamic knowledge, still he felt that he is thirsty, so he again traveled to Larkana and Lahore (two famous cities of Pakistan). At the end of his traveling he met with the famous personality and the greatest mufti, quite intellectual, smart, true and honest politician Hazrat mufti Mahmood (may Allah bless him and place him in jannat ul firdaws) and he stayed with him to seek more knowledge, while staying here he utilized all his abilities to take more and more advantage of existing of such a great Islamic scholar.
Mufti Khuda Nazar (late) followed the greater Imam Abu Hanifa (Rahimahullah) as he stayed with his great teacher Imam Hammad s/o Suleiman for a long time and gained a great part of Islamic law and jurisprudent from him exactly in the same way respected Mufti Khuda Nazar stayed with Hazrat Mufti Mahmood (late) for a long time and got much more talent in Fiqh, Fatwa and other Islamic knowledge.

The teachers of Mufti Khuda Nazar:
Respected Mufti Khuda Nazar (late) learnt from many teachers and got the light full guidance of great personalities, but over here we just mention some of them who are on the top and they are almost the teachers of many other great personalities, their names are as following:
1: Allama Sheikh ul Hadees Mohammad Yousuf Binnori (may Allah bless him).
2: Hazrat Sheikh ul Hadees Maulana Mohammad Idrees Kandehlavi (may Allah bless him).
3: Allama Hazrat Sheikh ul Hadees Maulana Mufti Mahmood (may Allah bless him).
The teacher whom he got a lot of benefits and he studied many books with him that is Mufti Mahmood (may Allah bless him). The books that he studied with Mufti Mahmood (late) are as following:
1: The most accurate book after Holy Quran “Saheeh e Bukhari.
2: Al-Jame’ Al Tirmizi.
3: The book of Fiqh “Al-Hidayah”.
4: The book of foundation of Fiqh “Al Tawzih wal Talwih.”
5: The book of Hikmat (philosophy) Al Tasreeh.
6: The two books of Mantiq (logic) Al Umoor ul Aama & Mullah Sadra.
Respected Mufti Khuda Nazar (late) used to discuss different Islamic matters with his great teachers and he felt no hesitation while asking them about modern Islamic topics, therefore he was eminent in his classmates; as many of his teachers and other Islamic scholars witnessed that Mufti Khuda Nazar was possessing superior abilities and he was distinguished personality.

Teaching life of late Mufti Khuda Nazar:
When Mufti (late) completed his educational qualification he was invited by his great teacher Sheikh Ghulam Rasool Abbasi (the head of “Darul funoon Larkana”) to join his religious school and to set up his teaching life over there so with out loss of time he accepted this great offer and taught over there for some time so it was the first place where respected late Mufti Khuda Nazar launched his educational services, then he went to Quetta (the capital city of Balochistan, Pakistan). After some years the great Islamic scholar respected Sheikh Abdul Aziz Mulla Zade persisted and convinced him to join greater University of Daruloom Zahedan, Iran. After consulting with his teachers he joined this larger university.
By joining it he was assigned some important responsibilities like teaching in senior classes and giving fatwas (judicial verdict); as late Mufti Khuda Nazar continued these blessed activities till the end of his life. (May Allah bless him).

The supremacy of late Mufti Khuda Nazar in Fiqh:
Respected Mufti had a strong & wide understanding in Fiqh, his classes were eminent; because he left nothing doubtful and any topic he taught he explained it so well that left no opportunity for students to ask more questions, when he discussed different views of “Foqaha” (Islamic jurist) he didn’t leave it on the same position rather he preferred one of them and expressed it’s reason also.
On other unique way of his teaching was putting some questions in front of the students with out telling them their answers in order to sharpen their mind, make them clever and skillful all the time, as well as to persuade them for searching much more Islamic books, some times he told the general formulas and explained it by related examples.

Great understanding of late Mufti in fatwa:
Respected Mufti Khuda Nazar was more practiced in fatawa he never gave the final decision about any Islamic matter unless he cleared all the possible options, after deep thinking and understanding the main point of any question Mufti sahib wrote the answers. Certainly it is very difficult task to give fatwa, every one is not capable for it, therefore all the time Mufti Kh.Nazar (late) studied Islamic law books (books of fiqh), some times while he studied Islamic books or discussing Islamic matters late at night sleep overcame him.
Late Mufti was very careful and strict in writing fatwa unless he found the logic of any Islamic matter he didn’t write the answer. He never depended only on the written fatawa in Islamic law books and he used to advise his students that unless they find out the main logic of any Islamic discussion they must not reply to any one.

Good behaving with students & guests:
Mufti Khuda Nazar (Allah’s mercy on him) had good distinctive features; he used to enquire after students in order to help them in problems solving and removing their difficulties as well as he loved to be with them all the time to participate in happiness moments of them. When a student remained absent he asked the reason for his absence and he kept asking unless he got satisfaction, he used to join their programs that were conducted on different basses, if he would attend any invitation for eating he joined it not alone rather he took a student for it also.
He loved to serve every guest his level best and met the expenses of all these expenditures.

Donating the poor students:
The great distinctive feature of respected Mufti sahib was helping the pauper students who read in Darululoom Zahedan University, he would help them by providing them their required things his level best, e.g. books, money, cloths etc.

Magnanimity & generosity of Mufti Khuda Nazar:
He was very distinguished among the scholars of his age due to having open-mindedness and magnanimity. Some times he had separate point of view from other scholars about a topic but he never crossed boundaries of their respects rather he would bear what ever the opponent said against him; he restricted all the differences to having different point of views and different ideologies.

Mysticism & Abstinence:
Respected late Mufti was ideal and modal of mysticism, he was abstinent and sober person, rarely could be found a scholar of his age to be like him. He spent a very simple life, he had normal economical resources; as many people witnessed that he left nothing after his death except two dresses of usual use, glasses, one stick upon which he depended, shoos and one lantern that he used it in winter season and some books he left after he passed away.

Casting a look at politics:
He used to keep an eye on national & international politics, he had sound and commonsensical ideas and logical opinions about political parties and political conditions, in spite of having great understanding of politics he didn’t join any political activity rather he preferred all the time to study books and to answer the public questions. He was brave person neither he lost his heart nor he hid the truth.

Writing books:
He wrote many books, besides books he had done many research work on different Islamic topics, such efforts point out his superior knowledge and great understanding and strong grip on Islamic studies as well as how to fit it on current affairs. The books written by Mufti Khuda Nazar are as following:

1: Irshad ul Hairan fi Hashw il Asnaan.
2: Bai ul Wafa.
3: Al Kalimat ut Tayyebat fi Ittekhaz al Ttaam Lil Amwat.
4: Hashia Sharh Ibne Aqeel.
5: Mahmood ul Fatawa. [Four volumes have been published]

Death of great Mufti Khuda Nazar (late):
Due to unknown reasons Mufti sahib’s brain blood congealed then he was admitted in “Khatam ul Anbia” Hospital in Zahedan city. After few days at Friday this great ocean of knowledge passed away, (Inna Lillah e wa Inna Ilaih e Rajeuoon).
His funeral procession was taken out to Makki mosque and more than fifty thousand people performed his funeral prayers. (May Allah bless him and place him in his great jannat of Firdaws).


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