Social and Commercial Entrepreneurship in the Context of Islamic Values

Social and Commercial Entrepreneurship in the Context of Islamic Values
islamic-economyIn the beautiful palace of creation, the real and unique entrepreneur is the God almighty who created the world with a beautiful and maverick creativity, and rewarded the man as super creature with knowledge, spirituality, talent and creativity, so that he could revolutionize the nature with his creative mentality. Entrepreneurship is not a new phenomena instead the human life has been accompanied by creativity and entrepreneurship since its early stage. It has paved the way for change in nature and invention of goods and instrument for public welfare. However, entrepreneurship in its modern and academic form appeared in seventeenth and eighteenth centuries in the economic arena. It is divided into three parts:

1-  Public Entrepreneurship

2- Business Entrepreneurship

3- Social Entrepreneurship

Praising entrepreneurship in economic and social arena and considering high values for them the true Islam is the pioneer of entrepreneurship and beneficial creativities for human welfare. The propaganda of western civilization through media and the vulnerability of young generation to immoral and deceptive western programs and the growth of social issues such as drug-addiction need the enlightened religious figures, scholars, elites and compassionate youth not to be apathetic towards their surrounding social ground realities. Beside up-grading their spiritualities they should have pedantry observation to the social dimension of their surrounding environment; and ensure maximum participation of  seminaries, religious institutions, mosques, charity foundations, thinking cabinets of elders and reliable persons and educational and civil societies in the sphere of social entrepreneurship. By promoting and training entrepreneurs in economic and social areas they should assist the governments in their efforts for poverty eradication and human development.

By: Dr. Habibullah Salar Zahi


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