Dr Amjad Passes Away

Dr Amjad Passes Away

A prominent Pakistani doctor and veteran senior physician Dr. Amjad Ali breathed his last at a local hospital after a prolonged illness.
Dr. Amjad Ali’s funeral prayer was held at Madrasa Ibn e Abbas, Gulistan e Johar, Gulistan e Johar, and was attended by a large number of doctors and members of the medical community who came to pay their respects to the illustrious physician.
Dr Amjad Ali was the son of Pakistan’s fourth Prime Minister, Chaudhry Muhammad Ali, a distinguished Pakistani politician and statesman, holding the position of the country’s fourth Prime Minister from August 1955 until his resignation in September 1956.
Dr. Amjad Ali was renowned as a top General Physician in Pakistan. He received training in the United States and later pursued further studies in the United Kingdom, achieving MRCP credentials before returning to his homeland. His notable professional affiliations included his role as the head of the medicine department at Liaquat National Hospital Karachi, where he served with dedication for an extended period. Dr. Ali eventually transitioned from medical practice to focus on Islamic education and tableegh, becoming a respected figure in medical and spiritual circles.
Dr. Amjad Ali’s legacy as a compassionate healer and a dedicated proponent of spiritual well-being will continue to inspire those who know him. The medical community and his patients are united in grief over his departure, recognizing the void left behind by his absence.
The management and staff of Medical News extend their heartfelt condolences on the passing of Dr. Amjad Ali; they expressed their deep sorrow and conveyed that his demise is an irreparable loss to the medical community.
We pray that Allah accepts all of Dr. Amjad Ali’s lifelong efforts in serving his patients and guiding humanity toward the path of righteousness. May his soul rest in eternal peace.


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