Shaikh Abdol-Hamid in the ceremony of Eid al-Fitr:

Surrender to What Majority of Nation Wants

Surrender to What Majority of Nation Wants

The most influential Iranian Sunni leader called the Eid al-Fitr a victory against the ego and said: “Today, the winner is the one who has obeyed the commands of Allah. But those who disobeyed Him, this is not a happy day for them.”

National interests have been sacrificed to the interests of individuals and organizations
Alluding to the economic situation of the country, he termed the condition “very difficult” and said: “Our country has been suffering the hardest and serious economic crisis. The national currency has lost its value and it has destroyed people’s wealth and assets. It seems the government and the state are totally unable to manage this crisis. The crisis of the currency looks out of control, and this is a very big problem for which a fundamental solution should be thought of.”
“Unfortunately, the authorities do not consider everything from the perspective of national interests. National interests are vital and important. In all countries of the world, the nations and governments give priority to national interests. National interests are preferred over the interests of parties, individuals and groups. When national interests are sacrificed to individuals, organizations, parties and groups, the ongoing crises take place in the country,” he added more.
Talking among tens of thousands of worshipers in Zahedan’s grand Musalla, Shaikh Abdol-Hamid further said: “Unfortunately, our economy and our national capitals have been misappropriated and many use these national interests in the benefit of their own groups and relatives or organizations and bodies. This is an advantage that should be returned to the whole nation, and it is one of the national capitals. The result of such a thing is that the government’s treasury remains empty.”

The nation is tired of this situation; nothing can be solved with minor changes
He said: “Iran is one of the rich countries, but now it is facing a serious challenge. The nation’s dissatisfaction and protest is right, why the country has come to this day and why the benefits should go to the pockets of influential people, their relatives and organizations. Iranian people want justice and legitimate freedoms. It is the governments that should provide these freedoms for their people to speak and criticize freely. Journalists and writers must have freedom.”
“The Iranian nation is a very decent and honorable nation. This nation has endured problems until now because of Islam and the Islamic Republic system, but now this nation is tired of this situation and there is a need for major changes and developments in the country. With these minor changes that have been made, people’s satisfaction cannot be achieved, and they do not achieve their demands. The authorities should pay attention to this issue,” he clarified.

Even the armed forces are unhappy with the current situation
Regarding the importance of internal changes, Mawlana Abdol-Hamid said: “We are happy that diplomatic relations with our neighbors are going to be good and this was our wish, but this cannot solve the country’s problems. These changes should be on a large scale, and there should be wide communication with the whole world to ensure our national interests; internal and domestic changes are more important. Until there are no significant changes inside the country, the pain and suffering of the nation will not be healed.”
“We believe that the overwhelming majority of the Iranian people, even at the level of government employees and officials, are dissatisfied with the situation, and there is widespread dissatisfaction with the situation among the armed forces. When the economy is crippled, everyone is under pressure. The employees receive inadequate salary. Everyone is in debt and under pressure,” he added more.

The steps taken regarding Bloody Friday of Zahedan are insufficient
Pointing out to the trial of the perpetrators of the Bloody Friday crime which took place in Zahedan, the imam of Sunnis urged: “Although today is a day of happiness for everyone, many of our people remember their loved ones who were martyred. Today, the entire nation of Iran is suffering because of this, and the families of the martyrs and the injured are suffering more than others. For the crime that was committed on the bloody Friday of Zahedan, although some steps have been taken, but it is insufficient and there is no convincing answer to the survivors of the martyrs and other people. People want justice. All the people of Iran are affected by this issue and their demand is that not only those who have committed crimes directly and they are responsible perpetrators should be punished, but those who gave orders should also be punished.”

We live with these people and will keep staying with them
He clarified: “We have said before that we will not blow over a tiny part of the truth, and we don’t expect anything more than what we deserve. If justice is done, both God will see and people’s hearts will be comforted. We believe that all Iranian people who were killed in the protests were not armed, and they were killed for protesting. Killing these people is not right in terms of the Islamic law, neither in terms of the international laws or even Iran’s own constitution.”
“It is recommended for the authorities to take action in order to console all Iranian people who have lost their loved ones in all regions, from Khuzestan, Kurdistan, and Tabriz to Tehran, Mashhad, Shiraz, and other cities of Iran,” Shaikh Abdol-Hamid added more.
He said: “The whole nation demands that the political prisoners who have been jailed because of these protests, men and women, children and young people, should be released. Finally, whatever the overwhelming majority of the Iranian nation wants, it must be accepted. The satisfaction of Allah is in the satisfaction of people. We live with these people, we stay with them, and we must pay attention to their wishes.”

Peaceful protests, criticism and freedom of speech are people’s right
Acknowledging the right of people’s protests, he said: “We hope that the Almighty Allah may send down His best mercy and blessings on all dear people of Iran, all the Muslims of the world and all mankind today. We believe that all of us, ethnicities and religions, have common interests, and we are all together. Our biggest demand is national interests at first, and then ethnic and religious interests. We emphasize the territorial integrity and security of the country, and we believe that the security of the country means that there should not be war and conflict in the country. We believe that peaceful protests, criticism and speaking freely are people’s right and should be allowed. Public governments are with the people; so you should never anger the people.”

We don’t announce Eid because of any other country
Regarding the doubts arisen about the announcement of Eid al-Fitr, Sunni Khateeb of Zahedan said: “In the case of announcing Eid, we are not subject to any country. This is a jurisprudential issue. As long as we don’t see the moon, we don’t celebrate Eid, and all people know this from the past. Our province is also different from the country in general, and that is the culture of seeking for the new moon. Professional people in different villages and cities have seen the moon in our province, and they have given testimony before Ulama.”
“A panel headed by scholars investigated, and until certainty was reached, we left aside political and other issues. Finally, it was confirmed and we decided to announce Eid,” Mawlana Abdol-Hamid said a day before the Eid announcement of the officials in Iran.


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