Mufti Qasemi Talks with Iranian Sunni Publishers

Mufti Qasemi Talks with Iranian Sunni Publishers

Dozens of Iranian Sunni publishers took part in the 21st Book Fair of Zahedan in Feb. 2020. The publishers from different provinces of Iran met Mawlana Mufti Qasem Qasemi, senior teacher of Hadith at Darululoom Zahedan and a well-known Sunni publisher, author and translator, on Feb. 27, 2020. Here is the summery of his speech.

*We should be very thankful to Allah that we have our own publishers, writers and translators in our society today. There was a time that we used to look up for any book [in accordance with our faith], but we did not find such books.

*When I was a student in Chabahar in 1970s, I remember we did not have a book to read. A book of Hanafi jurisprudence was published at the same time and did not reach us; its copies were finished before. Now the situation is much different; so we, publishers, authors, translators and booksellers, should be thankful for the blessing that Allah Almighty receives from us such a great and dignified service.

*Observance of religion and piety is very important in this work. This is the basis of the work. Blessings are in our faith and piety. Ominous property, children and wife who are free of blessings are torments. In this area, we should respect each other.

*Accuracy is very important in this work. Some carelessness goes to the author, some to the translator, and some to the publisher. Haste is the main problem in this work. We rush to get the book published quickly, and that rushes and ruins the work. Our readers feel the consequences of our carelessness very well. Money should be spent to solve these problems. You have to take time and be patient. We are in competition. Our carelessness in publishing book should not waste someone’s time and property.

*Pray for the acceptance of our deeds. It is important to get to different exhibitions and participate, even if we have few visitors. Make connections with the key people and personalities. Send books to different places. Learn advertising techniques and take initiative. Maybe a book becomes a reason to build a community. We have to appreciate our work.

Translated into English by: Ab. Kareem Arbab – student of Darululoom Zahedan, Iran


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